Posted by: aceanderic | May 16, 2008


We were by Eric’s side pretty much all day. No changes, the only concern was that he might have blood clots in his lungs. No news so far after the “cat scan”; no news is good news. Paul Leib’s two children made two awesome drawings for Eric which are now hanging off the ceiling; one of Eric snowboarding and one penguin – so cute.

I testified in front of the Grand jury today, and Pam, Aunty Carol and Marcia was with me for support. I did great according to my D.A. That’s right; you really don’t want to mess with me, or especially my family.

I’m overwhelmed with offers from friends and people I don’t know wanting to help out with anything. Thank you all!!!



  1. Thanks for the updates, it really helps.
    Our continued thoughts and prayers are with Eric and family.

    Peace, Sue and John
    North Bend, Wa

  2. I think this is a great way to keep everyone informed w/o having to repeat yourself a hundred times a day. We are truly sorry to have heard the news, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Eric and ‘the boys’. Just remember, that dog fur makes a great sobbing pillow and it soaks up tears pretty good.

    North Bend, Wa
    Val and Sherri

  3. Anna-Carin,

    We are all pulling for Eric and thinking of you and your families. If anyone needs anything, just let us know.

    Take care,
    Don Brown, Dale Frame and the rest of the crew at Infinity Images

    “Thoughts are powerful…Think good thoughts”

  4. Ace,

    Robin and I have been thinking so much of Eric and you. I’ll be there either Monday or Tuesday after work, whenever I can get someone to watch the kiddos.

    With love

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