Posted by: aceanderic | May 20, 2008


This is the kind of story I’m hoping Eric will tell us later.


Hi Anna-Carin,

True Story

My niece’s friend’s father was in a terrible car wreck a couple of years ago. Medically induced coma for a couple of weeks with suspected massive brain damage.

He is now 100% fine, AND AND AND he remembers when he was in the induced coma and people were in his room. He specifically remembers people talking to him and the love and blessings people were saying to him…!!!

So…, everyone needs to keep talking to Eric and passing on their love and support. Everyone’s
different, but…, there’s a good chance he’s listening…

Paste this into the website if you wish.



  1. hi

    Please tell Eric that we are sending him loads of love and are still expecting you two for a visit in Cape Town!!!
    Thinking of you loads and sending you lots of strength and love too!!!
    Lots of love

    Merryn and Paul

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