Posted by: aceanderic | May 22, 2008


Yet another day of struggle, small steps forward, and patiently waiting. I’ll spare you the details but to see the pain in Eric’s face and body when the nurse have to move his position in bed, or help him cough, etc is very hard to watch. I held his hand and told him to relax so the pain would go away. He did relax; so I truly believe he heard me today. Just knowing that there’s a chance that Eric heard me will keep me going for days, until I see next step forward. I don’t know where I’m getting my strengths from but it’s there, and I know we’ll get through this, we just have to.  We have gone through other big tests in our life AND WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS ONE TOO.



  1. Hi Anna-Carin.
    Your strength comes from your character as a person and from all the prayers, love and energy that we are sending your way.

  2. We are all pulling for you and for Eric. As a strong Swede we have every confidence that you will be up to the challenge of this waiting game. Eric has always been a spunky guy so are hopes are high for him. Lots of love and prayers are coming your way from us and from dozens of others.

  3. Anna-Carin I believe Eric can hear you and keep talking to him & yes you are a strong Swede but keep the faith and know that everyone is praying for both of you.


  4. Keep the faith Anna-Carin. A friend of mine, Rolf, who has been paralyzed from a stroke for two years got up and walked eleven feet today. We never stopped believing in him and I know the continued support and love he has gotten had everything to do with it. Eric can and will do it too. I know it is so hard to wait, but the healing will come.

  5. All these things are encouraging ACE. It’s going to be a long road. Always know that family and friends are with you every step.

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