Posted by: aceanderic | May 23, 2008


The day was going by like “normal” at the hospital. Eric’s mom went back to Settle today, and his two sisters are here for the weekend. Eric has a large and very supportive family, which I love. I could have sworn Eric was able to see me today; it looked like he followed me with his eyes. Another little step forward in my mind. We all felt good about the day, until we talked with his Neurosurgeon. He’d expected to see a bigger improvement by now, as he said. It’s been two weeks since the accident, and his family and I have stayed positive and strong the whole time…. until I heard this. The doctor was talking about my husband; your friend – the man who taught me to climb mountains, rock climb, camp, and enjoy life, my travel companion, the experienced mountain biker, snowboarder and swimmer, the man who has supported me financially and emotionally in so many ways, for so many years. I’m sorry Eric but I lost hope and for the first time in two weeks I got angry. I haven’t felt this angry for a very long time.

Thank goodness for your big sister Marci, who loves reading up on things. According to everything she’s read we shouldn’t let doctors let us down because there’s always hope. It’s their job to always under-promise and over-deliver.

It’s now been some hours since I did in fact loose hope and I’m feeling stronger again. I’m up for another fight with Eric tomorrow again.



  1. Hang in there, A-C. You are amazing!! Stax of love!!!!

  2. Hang in there ACE. Stay strong, positive and patient. Doctors can only know so much at this early stage and the body remains a mystery in so many ways as no two people are exactly the same. Healing and recovery are not formulaic and we all know that Eric is a fighter. You and Eric continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and I plan on being at the hospital at the beginning of next week.

  3. Nothing that Eric ever does is easy. You of all people should know that. It will work out…he’s just gonna take his time. Tell him to snap out of it soon or I’m coming down to kick his ass!

  4. Stay Strong Sweetheart.

    The body and spirit are stonger than we can ever know and Eric is stronger than most. His body knows what’s best for him and if he needs to sleep for a little longer in order to heal, then just trust it and him, he will pull thru in his own good time.

    Lots of Luv, Luck and Prayers

    Heather Anne & Bob Penner

  5. You are amazing Anna-Carin! I am truly inspired by the strength you are exuding. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date with your blog. My thoughts are with you and Eric. I am sure if Eric has any say about in it he will be back to you as soon as possible, because you know he still has lots more to talk about! Daaav is a fighter and most fortunate to have such an amazing wife!

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