Posted by: aceanderic | May 25, 2008

SUNDAY, MAY 25 (day 15)

We moved Eric to a new room today within ICU, the room# is my lucky # so I have a good feeling about this. It’s a corner room with windows and lots of sunlight. The walls are decorated with pictures of friends, family, our dogs, bright colorful pictures from kids, plus all the loving cards you’ve sent. We won the “best decorated room award” according to the staff. I can’t wait to hear what Eric thinks about our work!

Eric’s eyes were more opened today then before, and he actually turned his eyes slightly towards me when I asked him to look at me. The look was still “empty” but at least he did what I asked for. I know he’s there behind those blue eyes, I just know it. He also had less cough today which is a good little step in the right direction. Today was a good day, wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow.


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