Posted by: aceanderic | May 28, 2008

WEDNESDAY, MAY 28 (day 18)

Today’s progress for Eric was very similar as yesterday. A lot of small movements with his hands and some eye contact in the morning and mid-day. With all that activity, and his mom and I standing right over his face, smiling and talking, asking him to squeeze my hand over and over again, I truly can’t blame him for being tired towards the evening. Tomorrow will be a big day, he’s scheduled to have his back surgery tomorrow. I’ve learned that nothing is for sure until it actually happens so this decision might change tomorrow. Oh well, it’s just another lesson in how to be patient, right?

The dogs had a bath today, thanks to my friends Gretchen and Liz (thank you!), and they are ready for their first hospital visit tomorrow.



  1. Hi Anna Carin,
    Reubs and I came by the hospital today but must have missed you. We spent some time with Eric, talking to him, praying for him. Eyes opened for a bit, his hands moved some, it was good to see him. Is he going to like his new haircut!!?

  2. Hi Anna, I’m a friend of Karen and Paul. Just got back from France with Karen. We are praying for Eric. My nephew had a brain injury 2 years ago and has made a full recovery. It was frightening and uncertain and a slow process. It sounds so familiar and I feel good about what your writing. He sounds like he’s comin’ back and it is slow………….I remember seeing my nephew many weeks into recovery when he was sitting up talking and two weeks later he couldn’t remember us being there. It was slow but he’s back studying Chemical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara! Hang in there.
    P.S. I have a Berner named Gloria. She’s my 3rd one. What an awesome breed. Wish I was there to help with the dogs. I bet Eric will respond to the dogs when you let them lick him and touch him!

    All the best and our prayers are with you,
    Linda, Frank, Lou, Ted and Gloria Ryan
    Burlingame, Ca

  3. …ace & eric…picked up your link from another site so this is just a note to send out some heartfelt love & best wishes for a good recovery…don’t even think about a ‘speedy’ recovery right now…just good & thorough…
    …warm thoughts to you from just another sf bay area cyclist…

  4. Anna, You and Eric are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong; you’ll both pull through!

    Cleveland, OH

  5. We are very happy learning about Eric’s progress,,,yes it is slow, but it is progress nevertheless…we pray for him every nite. Our thoughts are with all of you. Leaving tomorrow to Pta. Chame, tell Eric that the rainy season is here, we have had rain for a few days, all the plants and grass are starting to have that very special sparkle..on his next visit, he will be very proud of his orchids and the garden in general…meanwhile, we will be sending pictures. Love, Julirta & johnny

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