Posted by: aceanderic | May 29, 2008

TURSDAY, MAY 29 (day 19)

Today was a big day, and it was a big step in the right direction. Eric had his back surgery done and it went well. He still has some swelling to his brain so it was a little risky having him facing down for 4+ hours during the surgery but the Neurosurgeon felt it was safe to proceed. Eric will be able to sit up in a few days which will do his body good.

Two special guests paid him a visit right before the surgery. They kissed his feet, licked his hands and sniffed Eric’s body. Yeah, our furry babies finally got to meet Eric again it was so fun to watch. They sure miss their dad! And so do I; I miss him a lot.



  1. Puppy kisses are very healing…

  2. Now your in the back surgery club with me Bro!!!!

  3. Great news! I’m so glad the pups were finally able to sniff and see Eric and know he is still around. I’m sure Eric felt them which will help him heal, hopefully more quickly. Hang in there ACE, he’ll be back soon, yapping away, then you’ll probably laugh to yourself about the time he spent around you, quiet… :> xoxo

  4. Hey ‘grats on the big day! My thoughts are with you folks, especially Eric. I’ve seen some pretty amazing strength here in this blog. You guys are tough, tough, people. Hang in there!

  5. I was referred here by of all places. good thoughts for you and your family from the windy city.

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