Posted by: aceanderic | May 30, 2008

FRIDAY, MAY 30 (day 20)

It’s hard to see Eric in bed, eyes closed, and with no activity on a sunny day like today. Three weeks ago we had a BBQ in our backyard, and the weather was just like today. Today I’m sitting here by myself, with a glass of wine and talking to hundreds of supporting people. There are so many “if only I had….” thoughts in my head and I’d do anything to go back in time. Both Eric and I needed a big change in life, we often talked about it, we wanted to enjoy life more with less stress and we wanted a family. We had made the decision to change our lives by moving to Sweden; my home country. The plan was to sell the house, pack up all our stuff, take the dogs and move to Stockholm in August. Everything was going like planed; the house was on the market, I had job interviews, and I gave my notice at work.

In less then a second our lives changed to the worst nightmare you can think off. Today was my last day at work and I don’t know how financially I’m going to make it. But I’m hopeful and not really worried; I’m sure things will be ok. Just as I’m sure Eric will come out of this ok. It’s going to take years of rehab, patience and support from friends and family, and I know he will be ok.

Yesterday’s back surgery went well but the doctor wasn’t satisfied with the placement of one of the screws along his spine. Eric was back in the operation room today to have one screw adjusted. There will be another CT Scan tomorrow morning to check if it’s now ok.



  1. Your life has changed in ways as yet to great to comprehend. The changes have not been the ones that you and Eric decided to make, but others, more difficult to deal with and too enormous to fully comprehend today. We have every confidence that you and Eric will be fine but it will call for new decisions about where to live and how to survive financially. You are a brave and strong person. Eric has a strong and willing family that will stand by both of you. Our prayers are that you can find peace in rethinking your plans and facing a different future than the one hoped for. Our prayers for you and Eric continue.

  2. Hello,
    I came across your blog site yesterday. I’m very moved by the story and your unflagging positive attitude. Keep it up! You’re both in my prayers. Your writing is good therapy for you. I love that you were able to bring your dogs into the hospital! Keep talking to Eric, play some music for him too.

  3. God has another special plan for you that hasn’t been revealed yet. Keep the faith that Eric will heal over time! You’ve been so strong. It is perfectly normal to “what if” and we all do it in our lives, and then we look back years later and see how God lined up all the dots, which we didn’t understand, and a beautiful picture is revealed. I believe he will get better, but it may not be based upon the historical time table created from similar cases.

    I can tell you one thing, this accident has brought us closer together and may have saved younger members of the family who are entering high school or elementary school from ever drinking and driving. Love you. Dan, Marcy,Kids

  4. A lot of fellow bikers and people out here in AZ that don’t even know you guys are praying for Eric. WIll light a candle tomorrow. Keep the faith, you guys will be in Sweden.

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