Posted by: aceanderic | June 1, 2008

SUNDAY, JUNE 1 (day 22)

Hope, faith, wait and pray for a miracle is the only thing we can do. I’ve been a Project Manager for 14 years and I’m used to timelines, tasks and solutions; there’s always a solution to a problem. I’ve never failed a project which is why I can say that even this “project” will have a successful ending. The ending might be months or even several years out, we don’t know yet. This is by far the most difficult task I’ve dealt with and it’s hard to relay on hope, faith and a miracle. I need concrete solutions but the doctors doesn’t have one. Eric’s Neurosurgeon said this morning that he’s getting worried; it’s been over three weeks and he’s still not responding on commands. I can’t just wait around so I asked the doctor to research other solutions which he will. Eric responded on commands a few days ago but since the surgery there’s been nothing. A MRI is scheduled for tomorrow to see how the pressure looks like to his brain.

A friend told me last night that he had been worried that I would pack up my stuff and leave when this happened. I won’t. Believe me, I’m going to fight for Eric harder then ever before. I’m scared and at the same time feeling stronger then ever, I hope Eric can feel my energy because he needs it. The staff here at ICU are the best and we’ll do everything to bring Eric back to his friends and family. Davidson’s don’t quit.



  1. Davidson’s are all class. I thought about Eric out on my ride today and the hell you’re going through. Stay strong. And let those dogs give him some love. It has amazing healing properties. Really.

  2. I admirer your strength and strong believe Anna-Carin but I also know that its just what it takes to pull this off. Im sure Eric can feel your love and strength and THAT´S whats going to bring him back to you, to his family.
    Love conquers all.
    Thinking of you, a lot.
    Hugs, Ulrika

  3. I hope the best for all of yall and especially Eric. It’s really great that he has such a wonderful partner and family, nothing but the best to you and we’re praying for you.

  4. Checked in on this blog for the first time and was really moved by all you have been through and the love you have shown for your husband. What a terrible strain on both of you. I am so impressed by your positive attitude and your frankness about how difficult it is. Best wishes on Eric’s recovery. Keep focused on the long term.

  5. Please know Anna-Carin and family that Eric and yourselves are in our prayers daily. We pray for his speedy recovery and the strength to carry you through these struggling times.

    Bob & Chris

  6. All I have to offer is a prayer. Hope it helps.


  7. Anna-Carin and the Davidson Family:

    I just wandered across this blog today. I admire all your courage and your patience. I’m an EMT and I work in the ER at a hospital, and it’s so heartening when the family of a patient takes such an active hand in their treatment. A lot of the time, that can make the difference between death and survival.

    I know what you’re going through is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever been through in your lives. It’s so difficult to find the determination to keep going down this road with so little idea of where it leads, or even what kind of road it is. Medicine can be such an inexact science, and every patient reacts differently to treatment. Some take longer to heal, and others do so quite quickly.

    Remember, most patients that have survived knew exactly who was speaking to them, even though they couldn’t respond, and every one of them has said that having those voices of their family constantly there gave them something to focus on, something to fight for. Keep it up, and don’t lose hope. Know that you have the thoughts and prayers of many, many people from all over the country as you make your way through this.

    Peace be unto you and your family,

    -Mat Cable, Medford Oregon.

  8. To All the Davidsons: How beautifully some have verbalized their comfort and prayers for family and I follow within their realm. I am a friend of Karen Steiner, do not know any of you, but Eric’s accident moved me immensley. I pray for him daily. Keep your strength and know that there is a big support group out there rallying for Eric’s recovery. May God look after all of you and especially for Eric. Carol W.

  9. Hey Anna-Carin,
    Adam and my thoughts are with you and if you need some friendly respite from home just stop down and we will be happy to get you a couple of cocktails. Hang in there, Adam and I will be sending all of our positive vibes in you direction!! Also, if you need someone to take the pups out for a hike I will be happy to do that for you.
    Love and prayers,

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