Posted by: aceanderic | June 2, 2008

MONDAY, JUNE 2 (day 23)

Today was a pretty uneventful day in Eric’s life, which here at the hospital is good, but excruciating for the family and I. Wake up Eric!!! We have a new room again, Eric’s been transferred out of ICU to Trauma, Recovery and Acute Care unit called TRACU. This will be his home for a long time. We’re getting used to new routines, nurses and different kind of required care. His sister and I were busy this morning decorating the room with all the pictures and drawings. We have to have the room look nice for the day Eric decides to wake up.

The MRI got rescheduled for tomorrow due to paper work. Yeah, I made a small fit about it but the Neurosurgeon was ok with the rescheduling so in the end, so was I.



  1. Hi Anna-Carin: had cataract surgery today on my left eye and while I was waiting to go into the operating room with lots of nurses and the anathesiologist around me I asked them about coma patients and they ALL said that it doesn’t matter how long it takes but that Eric could wake up and be just fine – especially after they get him out of ICU and stabalized. So you are right – he WILL wake up and we must not get too discouraged. Give him lots of kisses for us. Love, Aunt Marilyn

  2. Anna-Carin, we have been following your trials and Eric’s condition from afar. Know we are thinking of you and add a prayer for Eric everyday. Stay strong, you have support all over the world. if you need anything don’t be afraid to ask. Take care of yourself too, Eric is a tough cookie and if anyone can pull it off he can, no moutain too tall, Love ya, Joe and Tanya

  3. Hello again,

    We are still watching and waiting too. Thanks for the updates, they really do mean a lot to us. If Eric has squeezed your hand, then he is there and that is actually such a good sign. He has been dealt a difficult blow and needs lots of recovery time. When the time is right, he will sit up and say, “Hey, what’s all the fuss about?”

    Still with you and Eric!

    Bob & Debbie

  4. I came and talked to Eric today. Rubbed his arm and told him that I’m getting anxious for you and him to take Robin and I to Panama. I told him about all the people that are waiting to talk to him when he wakes up. Even though he didn’t respond to me it was good to see him. Haven’t seen him with hair that short in a while and I told him he should think about keeping it like that for a bit but, like a true Davidson man, his good looks supercede any hairstyle. I told him I would be back in a few days and to keep working on getting better.

  5. Eric…. please wake up Buddy! You and Ace are in my thoughts daily!

  6. Tonia just forwarded me this website, I am so sorry you are going through this. I feel at a loss for words. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Know you are in our thoughts. You are VERY strong.


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