Posted by: aceanderic | June 4, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4 (day 24)

Eric’s condition has been stable without any major changes for several days, until today. His fever won’t go down so the doctor suspect an infection of some kind. I had to wear a full body protection over my cloth when I stood by this bed today. I try not to stress out so much about it since there’s really nothing I can do and I know he’s in good hands. I’m sure it’s common for patients in his condition to get an infection, right??

What makes me loose my mind right now is Corporate America. This morning following happened:
– Hello Mr. Bank. I’m calling to make a phone payment
– Ok no problem, are you on the account?
– Um, no. It’s my husband’s business account
– Oh, I see. What’s the Account number, his social security#, and Business EIN#?
– Business EIN? I have no idea. Look, all I want to do is to make a payment so I don’t get hit with a late fee. My husband got hit by a drunk driver, he’s unconscious at the hospital with a sever brain injury. Could you please help me out here so I can give you money?
– Well, I can’t help you unless you give me the information I need.
– ….!



  1. That is the problem these day. Not many ppl care anymore. This guy was just reading from a scipt. Best wishes and prayers to a speedy recovery. He did not even make a comment about your husbands condition. Very sad…


  2. I HATE that!!! They won’t give the spouse any info, or take any money if the spouse isn’t on the account. I guess I understand that in some instances, it could ruin another person… but that’s not us??!! We wouldn’t do something like that!! But, from their point of view… they don’t know us from adam, so why would they trust what we say? Get ahold of the manager or go in person if you can, you should have some sort of POA (power of attorney) in a situation like this.

    On another note, this blog is a great thing, thank you so much for all the updates, it’s been really helpful for everyone I know. I read the ‘daily news’ to my mom so she’s kept in the loop. We are all hoping and praying for the best, but we know that all things work out for the best, even if we can’t comprehend the meaning at the time… or ever for that matter! Keep up hope and will power, you guys are both fighters and proving it everyday.

    Val and Sherri

  3. All banks care about is making money. They are callus and unwelcoming.

    Please don’t stop updating this blog. I spend half my day waiting for it to be updated again. I pray everyday he will be ok.


  4. Infections are common, they are also very serious. I keep you and Eric in my thoughts.

  5. How incredibly frustrating! By now you’ve probably solved the EIN problem, but just in case, I did a quick search online. I saw that someone on Yahoo Answers asked how to find out a company’s EIN and the response was as follows:

    Go to this website:

    Under “FREE Reference Databases” click the EIN finder link. You’re allowed three free searches, then you have to pay.

    You have to register, but the only “real” info you have to enter is your e-mail address for them to send you a password. There may be other options online as well. Also, if you can find any of your husband’s tax papers (or maybe even pay stubs to employees?) his EIN is probably on those as well.

    And if you HAVE already figured this all out, consider my small attempt to help you out as a warm show of support from someone you’ve never met.

    Others have pointed out how strong you’ve been. From my own experience, I know that I put a lot of pressure on myself to be “strong” so that I don’t let other people down. Please know that there is nothing wrong with missing that mark. Everyone has her own way of dealing with terrible situations like this, and there’s no right way to go about it. We’ll support you in your strength as well as in your vulnerability.

    With much hope and regard,


  6. A company’s EIN # is posted usually on the corporate website for the state of incorporation. (In this case the Oregon Secretary of State Finance Division.) I wasn’t able to locate the EIN there- but I’d suggest you go to the site and call them. The EIN is issued when you file as an entity. Otherwise the number should be in the Articles of Incorporation for the company. Sorry I wasn’t more helpful. -C

  7. Do you have a power of attorney? That might make things easier.

  8. Unfortunately, a power of attorney probably wouldn’t apply to the business, although it would depend on how it’s structured.

    Who is the card through? If it’s through Wells Fargo, send me an e-mail…I can probably help. If not, try going into a local branch (if there is one). You want to talk to a banker or a manager, not a teller…that’s your best bet for help.

    Did he have online banking? Another possibility…you might even be able to sign him up if he’s never used it depending on what info they want…

    Best to you both,

    Jim (former corporate banker…now I work for a credit union…for a reason…)

  9. Ack…that wasn’t supposed to be a wink there at the end…that makes it look really condescending…just supposed to be a parenthesis…

  10. Hi Anna-Carin,

    I found your blog through and have been sending lots of positive energy and thoughts your way, though we don’t know each other. I so want you to get your Eric back with all my heart. My husband also sustained a severe brain injury about a year ago during a bike race, was in a coma for several days, but then he did wake up and has been solidly recovering ever since.

    You seem to have a great support network, based on other comments, but if you want to talk to someone who’s been in a similar situation, please email me any time, even months down the road–I’ll help in any way I can (I’m become specially adept at dealing with health insurance claims, something you hopefully won’t have to worry about for a while). I’m assuming you can access my email through this comment, but let me know if you can’t.

    Wishing you all the best and Eric a full recovery.

  11. Hi! Just read all the up-dates on Eric’s situation, was unable to do so for a week….we know tht everything at the end of this dark tunnel will be ok, but it will take time,…a lot of frustations… a lot of tears… a lot of laughs…a lot of “whys”? .. a lot of “if I could have…”, these and many other feelings you’ll certainly have. It is natural…. you are a human being…., you have feelings, and they’ll be there more often than before, the circumstances require it …but, there are also miracles and i believe in them. Be positive, be strong, be weak, but remember God is always there to help, have faith.
    Eric wanted to do something here in Panama but he always said you had first choice, first Sweden than Panama……
    Maybe your dreams will not be fulfilled as rapidly as you thought, but this is also ok, you are still very young with many, many years to look ahead for….
    Keep giving Eric your strength and hope!

    We pray for you both everyday. Love, John & Julieta

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