Posted by: aceanderic | June 6, 2008

FRIDAY, JUNE 6 (day 26)

The MRI results came back and I’m afraid I have some bad news. Before I tell you, you have to believe me that I’m truly hopeful and I know Eric will recover, it’s just going to take longer time. Eric has a swelling on both sides of the inner center part of the brain. This is the part we use to receive and delegate information. He’s most likely not going to wake up until the swelling is gone, which could take a long time. It’s been four weeks since the day it happened and still now true reaction from Eric. Yes, I almost puked when I heard this. It amaze me that with today’s technology we still don’t know how the human brain works, there’s nothing we CAN do at this point but to wait. Wait and pray for a miracle. I’m not a prayer kind of person but hey, I might try it. I’ve been told that the longer we’re having to wait for the swelling to go down, the harder it will be for Eric to recover. The doctors are still hopeful and so am I and the rest of the family.

Our nurse for today told us stories about patients who’s condition had been way more sever then Eric’s and they recovered from it. It’s just going to take time. Eric will too, recover from this. I know so because I know Eric’s personality; he’s the most stubborn person I know. Eric is also good at reaching set goals; his goal is to recover.



  1. He was very strong when he went down, that’s also in his favor. We’re with you all the way.

  2. You are truly a strong person. Our prayers are with you everyday. Were not much on prayers but like we figured cant hurt.
    We starat each day at the office send you possitive thoughts and prayers and then read the blog. Were always hoping the miracle has been delivered. We know it will!! We will just be patient and wait with you and keep sending the positive energy to you guys!!
    If you still need help with the bank and it is Key Bank my husband works for them and would be honored to help you out. IF you want to talk to Val about us to feel comfortable please do.

    Take care
    Kevin & Dawna

  3. Dear Anna-Carin,
    Im reading your blog everyday and hope for a miracle. Im so sad for you and your darling husband that this has happend but very impressed and proud of you that you manage to stay so strong, wise and healthy in your thoughts. Eric has the best wife he can ever get! (and I´m sure that´s what he is thinking right now even if he´s not able to speak. And about prayers, yes, I think you should try it, it really reliefs your pain a bit and it feels like you have been talking to a higher power for a while, you sort of “lay it in someothers hand” even though you keep focus and struggel with the things you can do. And of course, as you wrote, not much we can do at this point, but yet, still so important to keep the faith. Trust faith.
    Your in my thoughts my friend.
    Love, Ulrika

  4. ACE, never forget that you can call anytime. We all will wait patiently with you but its certainly ok to have days where you just let out frustration, sadness. We can be with you to go through these things. Robin and I are thinking of you.


  5. Anna-Carin, the fact that you are at Eric’s side every day in hope and in love is a kind of prayer in itself. There are plenty of us “traditional prayers” out here who are sending up barrages on a daily basis. We believe that Eric will come back to you but perhaps not on our timetable. Bless you for remaining strong and constant.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that.

  7. Dear Anna-Carin –

    The “Church Ladies” at St. Madeleine Sophie in Bellevue have been bombarding heaven with our the prayers. Many of us have been Eric’s “aunties” since he was just a little guy. With your daily entries, we are getting to know his strong, courageous, loving and faithful wife at a deeper level. God has blessed you with each other and will continue to do so.

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