Posted by: aceanderic | June 8, 2008

SUNDAY, JUNE 8 (day 28)

Life is like a roller costar. Oh boy, what an emotional weekend. Friday news was so horrible I almost puked, today’s news are so great I just want to hug the whole world and shout ERIC IS GOING TO BE OK. Eric gave us a little sign today, telling us that he’s in there, fighting.

The doctors have pinched Eric’s body for a month, commanding him to do this and that, but without any response. Eric can feel pain, you can see it in his face, but he hasn’t been able to localize it; until today. For the first time, his arm reached towards the area the doctor pinched him. The same doctor who gave me the news on Friday, looked me in the eyes today and said that Eric is going to come out of this. We just need to give him time. There’s nothing he can do to help, we’re waiting for Mother Nature to do her part.

The sun is shining, birds are singing…. Eric baby, you picked a good day for your first sign. It’s small but I take it, thank you!



  1. Wonderful news! So happy to hear that things are slowly improving! Hang in there Eric, keep fighting!!!

  2. Good news, that just made the day.

  3. Go Eric! Go Eric! Go Eric!
    Keep it up!!
    Heja Eric!!!
    Stora kramar, C3

  4. Great news ACE. You are amazingly strong. We keep you both in our thoughts and prayers every day. Davidson’s never quit…they are way too stubborn! Keep fighting Eric!

  5. YEAH!!! Whooyeh!!! Yippee!!!

  6. That is great news! Keep thinking those positive thoughts.
    My continued prayers are with all of you.

    Sue frederick

  7. It is a very good day.

  8. God is on the throne and in control. He worries about you and Eric, so you don’t have to. The doctors just stitch ppl back together, but He heals them.
    Everything will be just fine.

  9. That is so great! I have been thinking about you so much. I miss the daily visits but know that I am there in spirit. Love ya!!

  10. This is really wonderful news with a lot of good, good energy and hope.
    Of course the sun is shining my dear friend, so happy for you!
    Sunny hugs from Ulrika

  11. GO Eric!!!!
    Ace, I keep thinking about when we are in life challenging moments and how time seems to just drag on. But in the end, before you know it you both will be looking back at the progressions of his recovery bit by bit and realize that it was actually a small part of a lifetime. I think that once Eric gets his recovery momentum going he will for sure be climbing Mt Everest or doing something wild shortly after. I too truly believe he is someone that will make this dream of incredible recovery come true.

    I love you both!

  12. Right on Eric!!!!!!!!! Keep it up buddy! Stay strong Ace!

  13. Hurrah! I have been feeling so helpless and now I feel hopeful. Keep up the work ERIC!!!!! All our love to you, Anna-Carin. -Cassie

  14. Hallelujah Anna-Carin, I just knew this was going to happen as I read all of the replies above mine I knew Eric could hear you and now actively responding this is awesome news Eric is stubborn but definitely a FIGHTER and he will be just fine like someone said he will be climbing Mt. Everest or doing something crazy soon ACE you are both in my thoughts and prayers daily. ERIC keep up the FIGHT


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