Posted by: aceanderic | June 10, 2008

TUESDAY, JUNE 10 (day 30)

Today was a very similar day for Eric as yesterday. He was back in the special chair again in the afternoon, and once again he was squeezing my hand when I told him about my day. My hopes are that he could hear me. Eric has been off any kind of breathing support since yesterday morning, he’s now breathing on his own and I hope he’s strong enough to keep on doing so.



  1. So great to hear he’s breathing on his own! Every small step forward is wonderful news!

  2. Portland is rooting for you Eric! We are all sending good healing thoughts!

  3. What heart wrenching pain you and your family are having to endure right now. You mentioned you are not a prayer person earlier in the month…try it, let GOD show you how amazing and merciful and patient and kind he is. Talk to him like he is your friend whom you have a personal relationship with. Would love to pary for you all. Thank you

    From a stranger who cares about you physically and spiritually!

  4. Very good news. One less tube to worry about. Breathing on his own is very good. That is how you climb a mountain. Small and steady steps.

  5. I’m praying for Eric and the both of you. Eric will pull through. He is a fighter. We must crawl before we walk.

  6. Thats awesome Ace! Keep talking to Eric and he will respond sometime with a smart ass remark! Like something about his hair! We are of course praying and keeping you in our thoughts. I read your article on KGW- You go Girl! You are so strong and I know Eric appreciates it. love ya,
    Bill and Inga and baby girl

  7. hang in there – he is a fighter and will pull through. best wishes to you.

  8. Anna I want you to know that Eric and you are in my prayers, I’ve know Eric for years through working with him at Ridge Mortgage. I am praying everyday for the both you you.

    Fidelity National Title

  9. Each small step is so positive. We will keep looking toward Eric’s recovery. I know you have an incredible amount of stuff going on right now, but you are doing great! We are so glad that Eric married such a smart, determined woman. Cheers AC- we love you both. -Cassie

  10. Anna-Carin,

    Great coverage on the news last night. Thank you for keeping the blog going, it’s a great healing tool. We are all with you and Eric every day.

    Take care,

  11. Hej hej,

    Gud sååå skönt att höra att Eric hör dig och kan ge dig lite kontakt! Nu är han verkligen på väg att komma tillbaka, underbart!

    Fortsätt vara stark och positiv, vi skickar hjälp hela tiden i form av energier:-) Hallå förresten, kommer du ihåg när vi ville sova över hos varandra när vi var små. Vi stod och bad till Gud ute på trappen innan vi gick in och frågade våra föräldrar om det var ok för dem. Och vad jag kan komma ihåg så sov vi ofta över hos varandra, så det där med böner…. Det funkar! 🙂

    STOR KRAM från Mia (numera Haparandabo :-))

  12. Anna-Carin

    Got the blog info from Gina, Just letting you know that your family up here in Seattle is sending all the positive energy Eric’s way. Hang in there, you are being a rock.

    Eric’s Cousin Sean.

  13. Hey ACE,

    Saw Eric last night. Told him how much we’re all missing him. It was good to talk to him, touch his arm, and let him know so many people are thinking about him right now.

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