Posted by: aceanderic | June 11, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 (day 31)

Eric needs another surgery… Based on the CT Scan from this morning Eric still has a swelling to the brain which has increased slightly. Eric needs a shunt and the surgery is scheduled for Friday. A shunt is used to divert fluid from around the brain into the abdominal cavity. I’d hoped that Eric wouldn’t have to go through another surgery, especially not near the brain, but it is what it is. His Neurosurgeon has done thousands of these surgeries so I won’t question his decision, well I did at first but I know Eric is in good hands. His doctor is very hopeful about this and said that Eric most likely will respond to commands better after the surgery then now. We might even see a change as early as this weekend.



  1. It sounds like although another surgery is needed, that this will be a good thing for Eric. I wlll keep sending you and Eric lots of positive thoughts and energy!


  2. I have a friend with a shunt – she doesn’t notice it any more but still has a wee tap on her head that the surgeons can access to drain fluid if they need to. I promise I will give Eric shit about that when he wakes up….Keep on keeping on….

  3. That sounds like the right move. In some ways I am glad to hear that he is having this surgery because I think that it may just give his brain the relief that it needs right now. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and Eric. I miss those hospital visits. Tell him hi for me. Love you!

  4. ACD,
    Another small hill for Eric… And I know yer boy has climbed many mountains. We’re with ya. Many thoughts and love from the Colletti clan.

  5. Fight, fight, fight!!! You can do it Eric!

  6. Hang in there AC- this is another step forward to recovery. -C

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