Posted by: aceanderic | June 12, 2008

THURSDAY, JUNE 12 (day 32)

Dogs can be so stubborn sometimes, especially mine, and especially today. A friend and I came back from the dog park this morning and I could not get my oldest 90lb dog out of the car. I tried everything but he just sat there. So we took off to the hospital with the dogs still in the car. Oh, so annoying! But it turned out to be the best stubborn move my dog ever have done. With the doctors permission, they both got to see Eric again, this time outside in the Children’s Garden at the hospital. Eric was in the special chair again, first time outside since the accident. Our two Bernese Mountain dogs were absolute thrilled when Eric showed up, they jumped up on the park bench to better reach his face for kisses. They kissed his hands, feet and face over and over again. How do you think Eric responded? The doctors can say what ever they want; Eric knew exactly what was going on. His eyes were wide open, following their steps as much as he could. He even raised up his left arm towards them to try and pet them. He couldn’t reach so I grabbed his hand and pushed it into the dog fur, he then moved his fingers in the fur. The nurse left us alone, after the dogs finally settled down the four of us sat there and listened to the wind and the birds. I was laughing and crying at the same time. The dogs tried to sit as close to Eric’s feet as possible.

Eric may not be able to talk, move, or show face expressions yet but all that doesn’t matters, it will come back. One step at the time, and today Eric took a big jump. It’s true, dogs has magical healing power…



  1. So very cool!!! Singha knew that today was the day for him to see his daddy!!! They can be very stubborn sometimes, when inreality, we just missed the signals they were trying to send… it’s time to see dad!!!
    It’s going to be long, but so worth it in the end, we are crossing our paws for you and most of the Indianland people have been sending up good thoughts and prayers too. I get asked several time a week how Eric is doing… and since I check the blog several times a day:-) I can tell them what’s going on. Prayers and wet noses to you both!!
    Val and Sherri

  2. I hope you take the dogs as often as possible. When my sister came out of a coma from meningitis her dogs name was the first word out of her mouth. They will really help him and it sounds like they need him too!

    Dogs are wonderful!

    Prayers and best wishes from the Ryan’s ( in California) Karen Leib’s buddy

  3. Now, that’s the kind of response we’ve been waiting for! ACE, what an amazing day. Singha knew, didn’t he?… love works miracles and your furry babies are big bundles of love (and you too, but not so furry)!

    Mitch is back in town this weekend.. we will call you.


  4. Dogs know things that we’ll never understand how or why they know it. Yours knew they needed to see Eric yesterday. I’m glad they got to see him yesterday and even happier that he understood they were there on some level. I’m crying with you hon, and it’s happy tears. Your dogs will help guide him back. Keep bringing them, you’re on the right path.

  5. Eric,
    You can and will do this, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind. Hang in there and take one day at a time. Ace, we have been thinking about you and can’t believe how strong you have been. We have been following your daily notes since the beginning, but just realized today that there was a comment section that we could actually add to (great computer skills on our part). Just know we are thinking about you both and would love to help in any way that we can.

  6. ACE thank you for keeping us informed of things from all angles. We really appreciate it and I think all would agree it helps us feel so connected.

  7. You are an amazing, strong person. My husband suffered a brain injury 5 years ago & I would love to share any insight I could. Please contact me if you would like……

  8. …hooray for magical healing doggy power…!!!

  9. Dear Ana-Carin:

    I am Paul’s father, and just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have
    been following your blogs ever since Eric was hospitalized. You are truly
    an inspiration not only to Eric, but to all of your friends and family.

    I have a cousin who sufferd a near-fatal brain aneurysm almost three years
    ago, and you should see her today. It is difficult to comprehend how she was
    able to beat the odds, but she has. God bless you and Eric, and our prayers
    are with both of you every night. Love, Arnie and Dolores Leib.

  10. All I can say is thank God for the unconditional love of our dogs. They provide a special gift in our lives and it’s important to remember they are speaking to us, on a different level, but they are communicating. Eric loves Cooper and Singha so much, just like children. They will be there to help him along in his path to recovery and they need him as well. Good for you ACE for not trying to force him to get out of the truck (even though you probably can’t physically! :>). My heart and soul felt a sense of relief yesterday when you were telling me the story. I cried quite a few times the rest of the day from the wonderful news. The kids can’t wait to see Uncle Eric tomorrow, they have been very concerned, especially Hunter. Love ya sista! xoxo

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