Posted by: aceanderic | June 14, 2008

SATURDAY, JUNE 14 (day 34)

With great weather comes….unfortunately more accidents according the staff at ICU. Eric’s surgery got pushed for tomorrow morning due to other emergency surgeries. Not so happy about that but we have to reminder ourselves that Eric was one of those emergency patients 34 days ago, so it’s ok. Eric’s nephew and nieces were in town this weekend and they met him for the first time since the accident. Here are their comments


Hi I’m Hunter Eric’s nephew. Today I visited Eric in the hospital for the first time since his accident. It was very difficult to see my uncle like that stuck in a bed when I had always seen him having fun or laughing it up. When I walked in I thought he got a hair cut and he was sleeping. But then when my aunt and mother went up to him and grabbed his hands and started rubbing them and he didn’t respond it changed my thinking. I had never seen him like that, not being able to respond being stuck in bed for thirty-four days. His eyes were flickering around under his eyelids like he was having a bad dream and he could come out of it. I just want to know what my Uncle is thinking and I feel like it is unfair that he has to go through this because of one idiots mistakes. I know that bad things happen all the time but it truly never hits you until it is you or some one close to you. We all need to hang in and wait for him to get better and thank you for caring, Hunter.


Hi this is Abby. Today I visited my uncle Eric in the hospital it surprised me what I saw. I really felt bad for my uncle it made me sad to see him but I was happy to see him too. Even though he has his eyes closed I new he could hear me and some what see me. he was blinking and twitching his eyes so I think he was just to tired to open them. I hope he gets better soon. I have been praying for him.


Today I saw my uncle Eric for the first time since his accident. When we first walked in it surprised me but then I got used to seeing him. At first it made me very sad then later I was only sad because my Mom said Uncle Eric was going to wake up. He looked very different! I am very Glad that he is doing much better than when he first came in. I miss him very much, but I know he will get better soon. I pray for him every night. Lexi klinkenberg AKA, Eric’s niece


I was nervous when I was walking down the hall and when we walked in the room Uncle Eric was getting his stitches taken out of his neck. My cousins and I decided to go to the garden. At first I was sad then I felt better because I knew he was being taken care of by the nurses.




  1. Hej Kusin,
    Tänker jätte mycket på er, förstår att det är jätte jobbigt. Sänder en jätte stor kram till dig, häng i. Det MÅSTE bli bra.
    Stora kramar Susanne med Familj.

  2. Thanks for the updates from the neices and nephew. It helps hearing about Eric from a kids point of view, simple and from the heart!
    Sue Frederick

  3. I had a dream last night that Eric woke up and started walking around…I thought that could be a good sign. Thinking of you.

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