Posted by: aceanderic | June 15, 2008

SUNDAY, JUNE 15 (day 35)

The surgery finally happened this morning, the shunt is placed and everything went great according to the Neurosurgeon. I personally didn’t talk with him but Eric’s sisters with kids met him this morning right after the surgery. Eric’s mom and I spent most of the day by his side at the hospital waiting for him to wake up but he slept all day, the surgery must have been hard on him. It truly looks like he’s just sleeping which makes it hard to understand his true condition.

I must tell you that I’ve received so many emails with wording like; my church are praying for Anna-Carin and Eric, I’m so touched by the story about ACE and Eric, ACE you’re a strong person…. I go with it, but they I stop myself and realize that you’re actually talking about my husband and I. Wow, what’s going on here, this wasn’t the plan! Is this really happening, and why? My Eric has a sever brain injury?? I’ve had so many telling me how amazed you are by my strength. You know what, I’m amazed too. Fighting for survival is a powerful thing, and I’m surprised to find myself in it without hesitation. I have no choice. For the last month the family and I have seen and participated in some very disturbing things and it will live with us for the rest of our lives. So will your support. YOU are making me strong enough to carry on; knowing that all of you care makes me keep on fighting. I started this blog to keep friends and long-distance family members informed, this week I had over 2,200 viewers in a day. Thank you for being part of our journey, for your belief, and for your kind words and prayers.



  1. Hey Anna-Carin. We met a couple of years ago at a Svensktraff – I believe it might even have been at your house. I can totally relate to your story about seeing the small ways that Eric is trying to communicate. I saw the same thing with my grandfather who had a brain injury. Just know that it is important to him that you notice those things and that your confidence in him is like our confidence in you – it is a support.

    Also if you don’t already know about Bob Woodruff’s miraculous story it might give you hope.

  2. Hi Anna-Carin, you don’t know me, but I am good friends with Gina. I have followed Eric and your journey since the day Gina left to be by his side. I visit the blog daily. Your entry tonight really touched me. You’re right, fighting for survival is a powerful thing. Nine years ago, I sat by my son’s bedside as he fought for his life. I know that along with Eric, you are going on a journey and experience all your own. My son won his battle, and thankfully doesn’t even remember the battle, but I do, and the experience has forever changed my life. You’re right, you find a strength and determination that we didn’t know was in us. Our souls are powerful, hang in there, you are touching Eric’s soul everyday, just as he is touching yours. He may not be able to see you, but he feels your presence. My thoughts will continue to be with the both of you and the journey that you are on.

    Teresa DeLappe

  3. We will be with you every step the journey, offering our love, prayers and best wishes as Eric recovers. Stay strong, you are truly an inspiration and your situation and blog helps to put my life in perspective.

  4. Christy said it best. Just know that we will be there and are always thinking of you and Eric.

  5. I told Pam that I could see you gaining strength in your blogs as the days go bye. This is a wonderful healing tool for you but also for the rest of us that read it. To see the care and conern of so many and to hear of their stories of survival has been an inspiration to me. You have so many wonderful friends – a beautiful gift in amidst this horrible nightmare you are living. Know that God is holding you both extra close at this time.

  6. It’s Amy from book club. I saw you on the news and was so sad to hear your story. I wanted to send my thoughts and prayers, and let you know I’m thinking of you.

  7. You are very strong with all that you have to go through!
    About 3 years ago my husband, my Entire EVERYTHING was sitting at a stoplight driving to our new house that we had just bought. He was hit by a young kid on Meth. Well, they Kid hid for about a week and they eventually found him,but that was not what I was thinking about.I did not even care about this person on drugs that had just ruined our lives! Because of him My husband suffered a Crushed L-3, his spine.
    The doctors told me he would never walk again, that the only way to help him was to have a lot of surgeries…He also was having a hard time breathing and almost died.
    Well, he never had surgery, in fact, he IS walking and thank goodness that I had so much support like you do, as I too did not know what I would do, I was all alone left to handle EVERTHING. I had become an instant Single parent as we have a small son who was not understanding anything. My goodness, Me handling the bills, house pymnts..the list goes on. Oh great! He did everthing for me. What was I going to do? Well I did it.
    I never asked how I did it, or stopped to think about it. All I know is that I never thought that he would NOT be ok. My mind always made me think of our future that we had planned together. That I am sorry life, but I am not going to lose the most important man in my life.
    I have been reading everyday your blog, and I send EVERY positive thought I have to you and your Husband as I have been in your shoes and it stinks. You will have him back someday, all the way. I shed a tear when I remember how you sound like me back then, so strong and thank God for you, and your wonderful family. Eric is a very lucky man to have you. I think you are great and I know it will get better…You will have very BAD happens, but after a while there are going to be so many good days that you will begin to forget the bad ones.
    I can not wait until I see that he has finally been discahrged from the hospital as he will…I just know it.
    My husband and I were so saddened to hear about you and what had happened to your husband. We have been there. I have finally forgiven the kid that did this, but it took a long time for me to do that.

    P.s…Keep talking to him as It is what he needs, above all he needs you.
    God bless you..It will get better.

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