Posted by: aceanderic | June 16, 2008

MONDAY, JUNE 16 (day 36)

We noticed some new signs from Eric during Physical Therapy (PT) this morning. He signalized with this hand (yes, hand – not finger like the days earlier), to the PT to be careful. Knowing Eric he probably said: “Dude, my knee hearts so be careful will you, I just had a surgery on it, and I can’t really bend it yet.”

Eric, his mom and I went outside in the afternoon to get some fresh air. We held his hand, his eyes were wide open and I think he liked the fresh air; who wouldn’t. We picked a wonderful flower and put it under his nose and man, did he like that or what! I was actually surprised since I’ve heard that most brain injured patients loose their sense of smell. It sure looked like Eric could smell it and he even lifted his arm towards it, trying to touch the flower.

It’s silly how so many small things can bring tears to my eyes; tears of joy as Eric’s brother-in-law calls it. Hurray, Eric’s eyes are opened, or look….Eric is moving his arm. Amazingly small things means the world to me these days. It’s going to be a long summer with lots of tears; hopefully more tears of joy….



  1. Anna-Carin,

    This is great news! I know that Eric is going to have a full recovery and flower today makes the point. You and Pam hang in there. I think of you two daily.

    Uncle Steve

  2. I wish you buckets full of tears of joy.

  3. Anna-Carin,
    I worked with Eric about 4 years ago at Ridge, he was my Mentor. I am thinking of the two of you and am confident Eric will recover he has a great spirit and I belive he’s fighting to get well. Sincerely, Stephanie (he would know me as Stephanie Mitchell, as that was my last name back when I worked with him)

  4. I know it seems like things are moving forward so slowly, but reading this blog everday makes it so clear that Eric IS making progress. We’ll continue to pray for more and faster successes. Love you! -Cassie

  5. Anna Carin: You are so brave and strong. Your story about the dogs visiting Eric really was touching. May you have many more happy tears to shed. Progress comes in small ways. God bless you both.


  6. It may come slowly, it may come in small fragments, but eric is coming around. We think about you guys all the time and love to hear about little peices of progress. Keep it coming Eric!

  7. I’m still just Nobody …, but I think that I can speak for every mother of the world when I say, Eric is Everybody’s son. I continue to follow your blogs, I continue to pray for him and I will continue to pray for your family.

  8. Anna-Carin,

    I just knew Eric would come around and start showing signs that he is going to be okay tell him his fave African American is praying for him and thinking about him everyday.

  9. Dear Anna-Carin,
    I was a classmate of Eric’s back at Newport High School in Bellevue, WA. Through recent contact with old high school friends, I just heard about Eric’s accident, and have been reading your blog. I will be keeping you, Eric and your whole family in my prayers. From what you’ve written, it sounds like he is making progress everyday, and if he is at all like I remember him from high school- fun loving, with a great sense of spirit, he will get through this. He knows he has a lot to live for – he won’t give up easily! I am so glad he has someone like you to lean on and love.
    Ginhee Treadwell-Eng

  10. Härligt att höra! Det känns underbart med alla dessa framsteg, och jag hoppas att de ger dig den styrka du behöver. Naturen är otrolig så det här kommer lösa sig! Vet du vilken sorts blomma det var? Vi finns här för er båda, hela tiden. Stora kramar och några blöta pussar från Colin! C3

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