Posted by: aceanderic | June 17, 2008

TUESDAY, JUNE 17 (day 37)

Today was another doggie hospital visit for my furry boys. Yet again outside in the Children’s Garden, and yet again did Eric get the so lovely Bernese Mt. Dog kisses in his face, on his feet and hands. I can tell the shunt is working because Eric is more responsive now; it’s easier for him to move his legs and arms, and he’s also communicating more with his fingers. I think he hates the trachea (who wouldn’t?) because he kept on pointing at it over and over again. I explained what it was, why he has it, and for how long he needs to leave it in. (A Tracheostomy is a surgical procedures Eric had to have done on the neck to open a direct airway through an incision in the windpipe.) That thing must be so uncomfortable and he’s not able to talk or eat as long as it’s there.

Today was a difficult day for me and my dogs knew it and therefore took good care of me. It makes it harder to be sad when you have a dog on each side of you, offering their paw and a snuggle.



  1. Yay for doggie loves! Hang in there AC- every day something good is happening. Love, Cassie

  2. I’m glad the shunt it working. He seems to be cognizant and that’s a great sign. We’re with you, it’s ok to be sad now and again, it gives the BMD’s something to do.

  3. Someone very famous wandered in a strange land for 40 difficult days. We are looking for Eric to be out of his strange and private land in about three more days. He can do it and the best part is that you and his family will be there waiting for him.

  4. Wow Ace, that is so good to hear. Looking forward to the long walk with the dogs. Tell Eric “hi” for me and we will see the both of you soon.

    much love!!!

  5. Being sad is part of the “healing” process. Anna don’t be too hard on yourself–you have been through a lot too. I am so relieved that the shunt is turning out on a positive note. One step at a time!! We’ll keep on praying!!
    God Bless You, Eric, and your doggies too!!

  6. We think of you and Eric each day, especially since our visit. And I haven’t forgotten about the song; working out some sketches. Need some info from you. I sent you an email concerning same.

    Love from Rebecca, Sarah and Anna…….

    Uncle Tim

  7. So good to talk to you!!! We are so pleased that Eric is making progress. We pray for you every day and so do all our friends and family. Our thoughts are constantly with you. It is hard to see Eric’s progress when you see him every day, but we are seeing progress through your blogs. Thanks. Hugs, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dick

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