Posted by: aceanderic | June 18, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18 (day 38)

The day started with the Neurosurgeon saying to Eric “That’s freaking amazing!”. He had asked Eric to stick out two fingers which Eric did right away. He asked Eric to do it again but he didn’t so I’m not sure if it was a coincident or what not, but either way, the doctor was extremely pleased with Eric’s respond overall this morning. Later in the day when Eric sat up on the chair he was just as stubborn as the Eric we all know. He kept on pulling the tub off the trachea over and over again. I told him not do to that, he looked at me, lowered his hand, but later his hand was back around the tub and he pulled it down again. This really won’t hurt him, the tub is only providing him with warm oxygen, but still. Man, Eric was so stubborn!! Inside I’m laughing, it’s so great to see him so active again and I know he could hear me, but I had to tell him with a steady voice “NO”, so he would listen, which he kind of did.



  1. Hurray Eric! Sounds like this last surgery really helped. When will they take that trachea thing out?

  2. That’s my Eric! Thanks ACE for having me talk to him over the phone today, that was pretty cool. I look forward to iChatting tomorrow! I cannot thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of our brother. The constant unconditional love you have given him is a beautiful thing to witness and be apart of. I thank God everyday for you being his wife. I wish so much I could be there everyday with you both. xoxo

  3. Great news ACE all the Mowats are thinking of you guys… sounds like he is getting ready to break out… As we all know, Eric has lots of energy when he is annoyed, he will do whatever it takes to fix it!!

  4. Thank you, Anna-Carin, for the gift of sharing Eric’s progress with all of us. I don’t know anyone in the family but I have been very concerned for all of you and it is heart-warming to hear that things are finally turning in a positive direction. I am one of the multitude of strangers rooting for Eric and I visit your blog every night before I turn off my computer, hoping to hear the kind of news you’ve been able to share recently. Eric is truly blessed to have you for his wife. I can just feel that the two of you will beat this and be able to resume your normal lives together. You both are inspirational — and your dogs, too!

  5. Hey Sweetheart

    It’s great to hear Eric is acting like his ole self. Keep the doggies and the sunshine and verbal stimulation coming. It may be a long recovery, but you guys are well down that road.

    Lots of Luv, Luck and Best Wishes

    Heather and BOB

  6. Right on bro!!!! Keep kicking this thing in the a$$ !!!

  7. Fantastic. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! -Cassie

  8. Keep it comin’ man! I need to hear “he’s back”! Don’t make me come down there! Good reports. Thanks for the updates!

    Sean Goddard

  9. Aloha Anna-Carin,

    Its good to hear that Eric is responding and also being Eric the stubborn DUDE I know, I am praying for you both stay strong AC much love coming to you from me and everyone around the World.


    Downtown KB

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