Posted by: aceanderic | June 19, 2008

THURSDAY, JUNE 19 (day 39)

Today was a big day; Eric moved out of the hospital to a Skilled Nursing Facility outside town. When this subject was brought to my attention for about two weeks ago I freaked out. The decision came from the Insurance company and they based their decision on money, more so then his condition…. That’s all I will say about that, and I’m sure you know what I mean. Several things have happened since and I feel ok about this move now, so does the doctors. The family and I researched facilities and the place we picked has knowledgeable staff, young patients with similar condition as Eric, the building is nice with lots of bright colors and there’s a flower garden. I think Eric will like it. Oh, and they accept dogs. The length of stay will be up to Eric’s recovery, he will most likely stay here for a few months. We have decided to call this place Rehab Spa if Eric ever ask, it sounds more uplifting that way.

I attended, as usual, the doctor round this morning and the Trauma Surgeon’s last words was really disturbing. I was so proud of Eric’s activity yesterday so I told him all about it. He said; “That’s’ great news, Eric is slowly recovering but we don’t know where and when he’s going to plateau at”. Oh man, I didn’t expect to hear that. Of course Eric is going to recover completely. I haven’t had a single doubt about that. It makes me sick to think otherwise. I encourage friend and family to visit Eric, he needs to know we’re there for him. It’s proven that patients with more support recovers faster. Please email me for directions to the facility.

It was an emotional move, I have gained friendship with several great doctors, nurses, and staff here at Emanuel Hospital. They saved Eric’s life, and supported the family and I through our hardest days of our lives, which I always will be grateful for. Hats off for all of you!



  1. Anna-Carin, Our hearts were with you today as you moved Eric to his new SPA. What a wonderful young lady you are!!! We are so proud of you . Of course, Eric will recover completly, and be the same little imp that he always was. We love you both and hope to be up to see you both again soon. Hugs, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dick

  2. As I’m writing ACD brother and her mom is on there way over from Sweden to visit ACD and Eric. Sadly me (ACD’s ´siser in law) an our kids could not come. We’ll come later this year.Our thoughts are with ACD and Eric everyday. Hang in there. Hugs Maria, Oscar and Malin

  3. This is a huge step. Congratulations are due all around!

    I have a lot of experience around skilled care facilities. My Mother was a State Inspector. They pay better attention to patients who have advocates watching them. Let them know gently anything that you find not “up to snuff”. Once they know you’re paying attention, Eric will get even better care. All facilities have occasional slip up, so just keep a watchful eye.

    That being said, my Uncle had an event several years ago that left him paralyzed from the heart down. They allowed dogs at that facility too. His eyes would just light up when I’d walk in with my dogs. That’s such a huge plus when facilities understands that patients need to see their pets.

    I am one of those cyclists that never met Eric. I think of him every time I go out. And I pray for a speed and full recovery. He’s very lucky to have an amazing woman like you in his life. And you him.

  4. Anna-Carin,

    Can you email me the address of the facility. I went to highschool with Eric and have been reading your updates on a daily basis. I am down in Portland on business on a regular basis and have been wating for the right time to see Eric. My thoughts are with you and the family.

  5. ACE, don’t lose heart. Eric is already beating the odds every day. I have no doubt that he will recover fully- although it will take time. By the way, I found the negatives for the photos from your wedding that I have been promising and dropped them off to be copied this morning. I’m hoping to come down to visit next Friday and will bring them for you! All our love and big hugs-Cas

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