Posted by: aceanderic | June 22, 2008

SUNDAY, JUNE 22 (day 42)

Wow, what a great day! I’ve never seen Eric so alert since the accident as today. His eyes were wide open and you could tell that he was “there”. He grabbed my mom’s hand and wouldn’t let go. I asked him to give me two fingers up, I expected one minute delay as usual, but he responded within one second and Eric gave me clearly two fingers up. I swear he looked at me and tried to say “Is that all, ask me for something harder!” He finally moved his right arm and leg too, which is the more injured side. I’m wondering if he recognized my mom and brother, does he remember when I tell him he’s at the hospital and why he’s there, and that he needs to be patience and fight for his recovery? I really think he does but you never know. I’ve been worried since he moved so I feel relived to see him come around again. It was like he knew what was up, he slowly touched his hands, arms, legs and chest to see if everything still was there. I told him that all body parts were working, but then he touched his face so I said; “Yes Eric, you’ve hurt your head but don’t worry, everything is going to be fine, you have to trust me on that”. That was difficult to say without crying…



  1. Every day and in every way, Eric is getting better and better! 🙂

  2. If it is a ginormous overwhelming task, you break it down in smaller pieces and then it will seem much more doable.

  3. It sounds like it might be a long time before he talks so, you might consider sign language. But its excellent he is getting better, and becoming more self aware.
    Take care

  4. right on ace and eric!!! sounds like the move was tough for erics fragile state. wow, its amazing to hear todays news. thinking of you four and can’t wait to get out of cali to roam with the dogs and give hugs all around. NEVER QUIT!!!!!! much love.

  5. Brilliant news ACE, sounds like he will be up and about in no time!
    Lots of love, the Mowats….

  6. Kul att höra om framstegen, Håller alla tummar för att det kommer fler små mirakel. Ta hand om dig kusin.
    Kram Susanne.

  7. Awesome news! You must be ecstatic! It’s a long road, but as long as he’s cognizant of what’s happening to him, which it sounds like he is, he’ll be working his way back along that road. I’m glad your family flew in, what an amazing gift!

  8. Great news today. Thinking of you and wishing Eric all the best. It’s nice to hear of his alertness today. Sounds like he was happy to have your family there as well.

  9. I check your site first thing every morning. I am so happy about yesterday. I knew if he got some rest he would come around.
    Hope you guy’s have a productive day!

  10. It looks like things are indeed looking up. We’re so encouraged!! We haven’t gotten to your blog for about a week and a half and look at all that has happened during this time! Might not feel like that when you are slogging along day by day but, be encouraged Anna-Carin…………….God hears EVERY cry for help. And boy are you going to become one patient gal through all this. Great news on all the little responses Eric has had and i especially loved your note when you brought the dogs in…….wonderful.
    We continue to pray alongside all the other voices and hearts and believe God is at work. He loves both of you like crazy, did you know that?

  11. What fantastic news! When a patient makes a move from one facility to another, it is not uncommon for them to be exhausted. Obviously, he had a BIG rest and was ready to meet the world. How nice for your Mom to see that.

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