Posted by: aceanderic | June 23, 2008

MONDAY, JUNE 23 (day 43)

I’d say that today was another day with some small but incredible positive improvements in Eric’s recovery. He was in his chair this morning, and Eric pretty much decided to take his Physical Therapy session in his own hands 🙂 I told you…as soon as Eric starts recognizing what’s going on and where he is; that man is going to surprise all of us. He bent his left leg up and down, up and down. Left foot down on the floor and up on the chair again, it was pretty cool to watch. He didn’t do as good with his right leg but considering the circumstances he did great. After several attempts to get his right foot back up on the chair, he finally did it. And what do you think he did then….Eric pointed at his lips, and I swear he asked for a kiss. I guess he deserved one; he did after all manage to lift his skinny right leg up from the floor to the chair for the first time. I say skinny because he’s slowly fading away. For the people who have met Eric; I think you know why we call his legs “chicken legs”. He could be in the best shape ever but his legs would always stay skinny, just like chicken legs. It’s so hard to watch him disappear in front of me as his muscles are getting smaller, but at the same time his mind is getting stronger which is awesome.



  1. That is such great news! He sounds like he is coming around.
    As for his muscle tone, it will come back. I had surgery on my foot 7 months ago and was in a cast and wheelchair for 6 months. My calf shrank to the size of my arm. Now after a month it is starting to look like a leg again.
    Eric will surely do the same.
    Great news for my Tuesday Morning, Thanks!

  2. This such awesome news! I, like you Ace know Eric wont give up!! I would very much clike to come see him, would you email directions so myself and Tiff can come see him? Thank you, have an awesome day!

  3. Very good news! All steps in the right direction. It was nice to meet your mom and brother yesterday, and I’m glad that they are here to visit and support you!

  4. Hooray! Best news I could ever hear (read). We’re keeping you both in our thoughts each day. Ande and Kurt.

  5. ACE and Eric,

    I’ve been unsure what to do over the last six weeks. Should I come visit? Or should I keep my distance and just stay out of the way? I know you have had a tremendous amount to deal with and I wasn’t sure if more people around was for better or worse.

    I have kept up with the blog and have had all of you in my thoughts everyday. Now, however, having read last weeks entry where you, “encourage friend and family to visit Eric, he needs to know we’re there for him. It’s proven that patients with more support recovers faster” I would very much like to lend my support. If it pleases you, I would like to come visit as soon as possible, as I feel I should have done this already.

    ACE, you are an incredible human being. I hope dearly that your strength, your family’s strength and Eric’s stubbornness and resolve will lead to a full recovery. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of all of you. Pam, Gina, Marcie, if you are reading this, know that I love you all.

    Please also know that I attended a wedding in Seattle last weekend and that all of his old high school friends are rooting for him. He is in all of their thoughts and prayers.

    One last note: Eric has a dirty little secret that he has never told anyone but me, he does in fact perm his hair!

    Aaron Zerby

  6. Ace,

    Awesome! I am proud of you both, keep up the faith, stay strong! Keep going Eric!


  7. Fantastic! Keep on kissing, he’ll come to quick!

  8. Anna-Carin,

    This is great news he is now moving around..WOW..AWESOME he will be back in full swing before you know it…Eric keep it up..Anna-Carin keep up the faith Eric will get all of his skinny muscle tone back in no time.


  9. It’s been a few days since I have checked in, because we were out of town, but reading your postings from the weekend this week so far made me soooo happy!

    What positive changes Eric is having. We would love to visit Eric, if that’s okay now. Please send directions…I will email you, too as a reminder.

    Keep staying so upbeat!

  10. It’s so great to see positive developments with Eric. I love your writing and faith you have in Eric’s recovery. Keep the dogs visiting and keep kissing him.
    Faith is a strong motivator, and it knows no denomination. Keep it up!

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