Posted by: aceanderic | June 24, 2008

TUESDAY, JUNE 24 (day 44)

I really don’t have an update for you today about Eric’s condition, which is the first time in 44 days. I listed to the advise from many of you and spent the day outside the nursing facility with my mom and brother instead. I felt bad leaving Eric alone like that, especially now when he’s starting to come around and be more aware, and at the same time it was well needed. After getting the daily misc paper work and phone calls done somehow related to the accident, I gave them the tour of Portland and we visited the important places like Nike Campus, and the Nike Employee store 😉

We spent this morning with Eric and he was just as awake as yesterday. Legs and arms moving, eyes open and he squeezed my hand on command. I’m liking the new place more now then in the beginning and I’ve noticed that I need to speak up when I see needed changes or issues to be addressed.



  1. I’m glad you got some time out of the hospital. Sometimes the caregivers just need a break, you’ll notice tomorrow how much good it did you. You are his advocate. Stay on the staff and Eric will do well there.

  2. I’ve been reading for awhile, but haven’t commented. It feels sort of creepy to keep reading without saying something, though. I found your blog from KGW’s website, and have been checking in every time you update.

    You do need to speak up, ask questions, and continue to ask them, even if you feel like you’re being a nuisance. We have this need to be polite instilled by our parents, and most of the time it doesn’t get in the way.

    But you and your hubby are the customers. Everything should be arranged to your satisfaction. Things need to be done right, explained to you thoroughly, and you both should be treated with the utmost respect.

    Ask questions. Monitor. Comment.
    You’re doing exactly what you should.

  3. Hey ACE. The only way you are going to be able to be there for Eric is to take care of yourself as well. Don’t feel guilty. You have him in a good place, where they respond to your requests. Sounds like Eric is making great progress. Hang in there! -Cassie

  4. Hi Eric and Anna Carin,

    We are excited about Eric’s progress in his new home. And that you have your Mom and family with you, Anna-Carin. That has to help a lot. Good for you for taking some time off to show them Portland – you are going to have to that more often just to stay mentally balanced! Eric – you are on your way – keep up those exercises and we know it is going to take a long time but the day you get to go home will make it all worth the tremendous efforts you have to put into this now. Thinking of you and wishing you strength every day. Love, Uncle Don and Aunt Marilyn

  5. It was great to see him on Sunday. His eyes were open, he was moving his L arm and his legs. I talked to him quite a bit…. told him to be patient and that this healing thing was going to take a long time.

  6. Great news about Eric! Good for you to take time with your family, you will feel rejuvinated and ready for the next big movement from Eric! Keep up your positive attitude and enjoy your family.

    Sue Frederick
    North Bend, Wa

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