Posted by: aceanderic | June 25, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25 (day 45)

Alright, it’s official; Eric IS communicating, it’s just up to his nurse, physical therapist, family, friends and I to understand him. According to his physical therapy team; Eric’s best day for movements, following commands, and ANSWER questions was yesterday. Of course, it had to be the day I wasn’t there but, but… They’d asked him basic questions and he actually answered three by holding up a finger. I guess on the question “Are you married?”, he didn’t answer but I forgive him because he did great today. I walked in the room today and the nurse had just put him in the chair, and oh boy, something bothered him big time. It was written all over his face. His sister Marci with kids were there and they were not able to figure out what was wrong, neither did the nurse. I walked up, and he opened his eyes as soon as I said hello. I grabbed his hand and asked him to point towards where the issue was, which he actually did right away. We figured out what was wrong and got it fixed.

I was also told that yesterday when they moved him from the bed to the chair, Eric used his leg muscles just a little when he was standing up, which is awesome! We had some happy tears in Eric’s room today with lots of hugs….



  1. Awesome news!

  2. Awesome !! We are happy to see the possitive steps!!!!!!

  3. Erictastical!

  4. Thank God. What terrific news!!!!

  5. It’s wonderful to hear that Eric is improving every day.

    I would sure be interested in participating in a work party to help maintain the Davidson’s yard or whatever else needs to be done around their house. If any friends of the family are interested in organizing something like this it could be advertised on in the forums and on Shift 2 Bikes in their calendar.

    I know there are many in the bike community who would welcome the opportunity to come together and help Eric and Anna-Carin in this way.

  6. Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yes dude! !!! I was just telling a friend about you at work because I’m so proud of you!!!!! Made my day dude! Ace flat out rocks btw!

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