Posted by: aceanderic | June 27, 2008

FRIDAY, JUNE 27 (day 47)

One day forward and a half day back…. Yesterday’s Physical Therapy was great, today not so good. Eric was very tired today which seams to be the norm. Perhaps all that PT time is making him so exhausted so it takes two days for him to recover? We can only guess but that seam to the way it is. He did sit up for a 30 min on the side of the bed while doing all kinds of movements etc, and he did do great with swallowing today again. I sure miss Eric’s voice, and I can’t wait for the day he speaks to me again. I just need to hear anything, even if it’s a random noise.

My mom and brother flew back to Sweden today; it was wonderful to have them stay for a week. Eric’s sister Gina with her son Hunter came in the afternoon so I’m not alone. Having my family here for a week really made me realize that this indeed is happening, why else would they be there for me? Very, very sad to think about and at the same time really comforting to have them here. Thank you so much for the surprise visit! Jag älskar er!



  1. Hej Anna-Carin!

    Underbart att läsa att Eric gör sådana framsteg! Självklart blir han trött av all träning när hans muskler är svaga men han kommer igen! Idag är vår första semesterdag och imorgon åker vi till Öland i två veckor. Vi följer er här på bloggen varje dag. Du ska se att det slinker ut något tokigt ur Eric mun inom kort 🙂

    VARMA SOMMARKRAMAR från Mia, Björn, Elin och Martin

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