Posted by: aceanderic | June 29, 2008

SUNDAY, JUNE 29 (day 49)

Today was similar as to yesterday but with better answers from Eric. We were outside, and I had the dogs with me too. I asked if he remembered our dogs, and Eric gave me thumbs up for a yes. I asked the question I’ve been waiting for since the day of the accident; “Do you know who I am?” He gave me thumbs up. “Do you know we’re married?” Thumbs up again. I haven’t heard his voice for 49 days, so for 49 days I’ve been waiting for him to say I love you. I asked him; “Do you love me?”, and Eric gave me thumbs up. I don’t think I have to tell you how hard it was to hold my tears back. I love you too I said, and kissed him.

Note to myself and to anyone visiting Eric; we shouldn’t talk about the accident, not yet. I asked if he knew he’d been in an accident and Eric got extremely upset. He’s not ready for that subject yet. He doesn’t seam to remember anything from yesterday and the day before so his short-term memory isn’t with us yet.



  1. Anna-Carin,

    Uncle Jm and Marie and I are coming down to see you and Eric tomorrow. We plan on leaving my place in Seattle about 8:00 AM and should arrive about 11:30 or so. Glad to hear that you had a great day with Eric. 🙂

    Uncle Steve

  2. Anna-Carin and Eric

    Its so awesome to hear and read the progress and the way things are moving forward each day. God is truly answering prayers. Eric with your fight and will, each day is looking brighter. Keep it coming.

    Wow, for the strenght, commitment to take each day the way you’ve done. You are a Saint and a amazing woman. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you both.

  3. God it’s great to keep hearing about his progress. I look forward to seeing him again and see his continued improvement. ACE you have been amazing through this and I know you will continue with renewed strength as things keep getting better

  4. Was out of town for the weekend…. and come bck to this great news!!!! So stoked bro, keep on keeping on!

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