Posted by: aceanderic | June 30, 2008

MONDAY, JUNE 30 (day 50)

You might remember the Ranco Scale, which I referred to on May 17th. The Ranco Scale measures levels of cognitive or mental functioning. Eric is a typical level 3 patient right now; Localized Respond, and there are 8 levels today. The past week’s progress has been amazing to watch and we’ve noticed new small things every day. Eric did another amazing thing today and I’m glad some of his family members and friend got to see it. Eric wasn’t satisfied with the way his uncle put the sunglasses on his face, so Eric took them off and put them back on in the way he wanted. Pretty cool! I know you’re just as amazed as I am with all the things Eric is doing so I don’t mean to disappoint you by saying; it’s normal for a patient in level 3 to do these things. Eric is doing great, but…he has a long way to go still. Level three means for example that Eric will be awake on and off during the day, begin to recognize family and friends, follow some simple directions such as “Look at me” or “Squeeze my hand”, begin to respond inconsistently to simple with “yes”, and “no”. He’s doing all these things. He did for example recognize his two uncles today from Seattle. His cousin Marie asked Eric to point at his uncle; which he did, she asked him to point at me; which he did. All good things that make me smile. I can’t think about the overall future and the entire struggle we have in front of us, I take small steps, and that’s what makes me going.

If you’re planning to visit Eric or if you’re interested in learning more about the Ranco Scale please read;



  1. My husband and I were driving back from Seattle yesterday and I was telling him about Eric flipping the bird. He laughed so hard he nearly spit Propel all over the car!

    I love the updates!

  2. Anna-Carin, I’m a stranger who follows your blog daily and pulls for you and Eric. I’m elated to share reports of this progress from you – thank you! Soon he will tell you in his own words that he Loves you and I can’t wait to read about it. Stay strong.

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