Posted by: aceanderic | July 1, 2008

TUESDAY, JULY 1 (day 51)

All the activity over the weekend and yesterday’s big visit must have worn Eric out because we didn’t get so much interaction out of him today and he slept a lot. It was expected so it’s ok. Eric’s mom and I were in his room during physical therapy. He sat by the end of the bed and Eric was able to do some movements on commands. His PT and OT think he did well but they have seen better days with him. Knowing what an active, smart, and lively person Eric used to be, it was very difficult for me to watch him today. He can’t lift his own head up and he’s not able to keep his balance…yet. It made me realize what a long road we have a head of us. I still truly believe that Eric will come out of this ok, and it’s going to take a long, long time.

For me today was yet another day with new various challenges related to the accident, more paper work, phone calls, and adding Eric’s struggle on top of all that I’d say that today was a difficult day. I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow. As I said earlier, there’s one step forward and a half step back so tomorrow should be better….



  1. Hang in there Anna-Carin you’re doing all the right things and I know Eric feels all your love. Just keep doing what you’re doing and all will be OK. xoxo

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