Posted by: aceanderic | July 2, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JULY 2 (day 52)

Eric did 50 minutes cuff deflation today and he did great, he managed to swallow on his own without any problems. 50 min is a new record! We have also heard little sounds coming from his vocal cords which is good too; it means those nerves are working to give him a voice back one of these days.

Overall Eric was very sleepy today and we didn’t get that much out of him. The dogs were here during his physical therapy and every time he coughed the dogs got scared. I had two large 100 lb dogs hiding behind me, one of them even barked at Eric once. I know they can sense Eric being really, really sick and they probably don’t know what to do; it’s so sad to watch. I tricked them by putting treats in Eric’s hand and that made it easier for them to approach him. I hope they will get used to seeing Eric like this because I’m going to bring them in as much as I can; it’s good for Eric and I hope it will be good them too because I can see their sadness in the eyes.



  1. ACE- you sound tired and a bit down the last couple of days. This is such a hard time, but I know better things are coming for you and for Eric. We are all here to support you. Please let us know what we can do for you to help you to continue to meet the challenges you are and Eric are facing and overcoming daily. Love, Cas

  2. I think you’re on track by bringing the dogs as much as possible. They can sense that something is very different with Eric, they’ll settle down. Dogs are amazing that way. They will bring him comfort, so will seeing his family all in the same place…once they quit hiding behind you. 😉

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