Posted by: aceanderic | July 4, 2008

FRIDAY, JULY 4 (day 54)

Happy Birthday America!!! That’s something I always used to say to Eric on this day and it made him laugh, he thought it was such a retarded thing to say but I don’t care. So I’m saying this to you this year instead, Happy Birthday America!!

Today’s visit with Eric made me absolute exhausted. He is so active and restless. He’s moving all over the place, pulling the tubs, trying to pull the trachea, trying to get out of the bed, trying to get out of the chair…. The night nurse told me that he had kept them all extremely busy last night; it was her toughest night in many years. Of course it’s wonderful to see him move around, but at the same time we’re worried that he will end up doing something so he will hurt himself. He most likely will, knowing Eric! We brainstormed different ideas on how we could protect him from getting hurt, the easiest way would be to tie him down in bed but that’s against the law so we can’t do that. For a while I thought I was going to have to spend the night, he needs someone sitting by the bed all night and how easy is it to find someone on a day like this? Well Eric finally fell asleep so I went home, hopefully tonight won’t be the same as last night.

He’s getting better, and unfortunately for us, he is going to act worse before it gets better. That’s just how the recovery process is for patients with a brain injury. Man, I’m really looking forward to the stage…uff.



  1. Hi Anna-Carin,
    I am sitting here with Mitch and reading the blog (like I do every night). We are so glad to hear how active Eric is though we know it must be so difficult too. Hang in there… we are thinking of you both and here for you whenever you need us.

    Liz and Mitch

  2. Hi Anna-Carin,

    Thanks for continuing to update the blog so regularly, there are lots of us out here pulling for you both and we appreciate the time it takes to update us.

    Regarding the restless phase after brain injury, you can’t tie him in bed, but there are different methods of restraint so Eric can’t hurt himself, like a restraint vest. What worked well for us after my husband’s brain injury was using the lotsa helping hands website to schedule round-the-clock visits with friends and family who could “buttress” (i.e. hold him up and guide him around the room or keep him in bed). It’s an exhausting task so it helps to spread the work around.

    Just remember that what makes these young, active guys so hard to deal with after brain injury is also what can help make them better–energy, strength, resolve. It will get better!

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