Posted by: aceanderic | July 5, 2008

SATURDAY, JULY 5 (day 55)

Eric’s room was full of visitors today; friends, uncles, aunts, cousins and dogs. It’s wonderful with all the support, keep it coming. I think Eric worn himself out yesterday because he wasn’t as active today as yesterday, but he was still annoyingly restless. We saw him pull himself up in the chair today while holding his head up, that was the first time I’ve seen him do that. The nurse told me that he pulled the T-shirt over his head this morning by himself, and he tried to pull his shorts up too. After the nurse was done dressing him, Eric had flipped the penguin in her face….so funny. We’re keeping stuffed animals in his bed so Eric has something else to grab instead of the tubs, and one of the animals is a little penguin. Normally Eric wouldn’t play with stuffed animals – just for the record 😉



  1. Hi Ace!
    Give Eric a big hug for me on his B-day! I wish I could be there to do it myself. Soon I will be 😉
    It’s so exciting to hear so much progress in just about a week. Restless Eric is such a good sign! Maybe we should find another Christmas Penguin like the one you guys put in your yard around the holidays, that would be some entertainment. 😉
    Love you both! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!

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