Posted by: aceanderic | July 6, 2008

SUNDAY, JULY 6 (day 56)

It’s Eric’s Birthday today he’s turning 37!! Before I tell you about his day, let’s talk about last night first. I had the house by myself, and I was truly looking forward to a relaxing night in front of the TV.  Had my hand in a bag of potato chips when the phone rang; Eric had been sent to the Emergency Room with an ambulance. I rushed over there, called his uncle and aunts who were in town and they came too. Almost three hours later it turned out that nothing major was wrong and Eric was sent back to “Rehab Spa”. The phone rang again right when I was about to fall asleep. It was the Rehab Spa again. Eric was now so restless and active so they asked if I could come over and sit with him over night. How dear I think I have the right to have a quiet night?? Eric needs us more now then ever, there needs to be someone in the room 24/7 to prevent him from getting hurt. Fortunately they found someone to sit with him, I was truly too tired to take on that task and I would have failed.

Due to last night’s activity, Eric slept pretty much all day today. The morning nurse told me that he once again took a big part of getting dressed, which is awesome. I hope his birthday will be more cheerful next year.

I’m going to ask for something now, which my Swedish blood never has asked for before. You see, it turns out that I’m not eligible for Unemployment benefits so there’s currently no money coming in to this household to pay mortgage and bills. I’d hate to end up on the street with a sign “please help”, so if you feel like helping out this is your chance. A small donation to the WaMu Bank account listed on this site would be truly appreciated; perhaps we can call it a birthday gift for Eric. Uff, I hope I never have to ask for this again!



  1. Hi Anna-Carin-
    I have been checking out this blog since I saw the story on the news, and have had you and Eric on my mind ever since. I have been meaning to post a comment that lets you know that I am thinking about you both, but it just didn’t seem like enough, given everything you are going through. So thank you for saying the words “make a donation”. I should have done that already, as it is clearly posted on the blog, but have failed miserably at the follow-through. So thanks for the reminder for all of us slugs out here.

    Take care. Your & Eric’s love, strength and determination are truly an inspiration.

    – Julie

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been reading your blog and following Eric’s story as well. This is the first time I’ve posted…What I’m wondering is if they have considered giving him melatonin to help him get into a better sleep/awake cycle and maybe contain more of the restlessness to during daytime hours. It seems like he’s on more of a nighttime schedule now and maybe the melatonin would help regulate that schedule? I see there are also some links if you google it about melatonin and brain injuries that sound positive.

    I certainly feel for you on the restlessness part. My grandmother had a stroke and went through this period as well. It’s exhausting. However, she did settle down eventually which dramatically helped with therapy and healing and is doing well (for an 85 year old stroke patient) today. Eric is lucky to have youth on his side which will likely make a big difference!!

    I wish you both well, you’re obviously very strong people!

  3. Hi! Thinking of you both daily and praying that Eric will continue doing better and better everyday. Please see the E Mail I sent you today, Love, from both of us, Julieta & johnny

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