Posted by: aceanderic | July 7, 2008

MONDAY, JULY 7 (day 57)

Eric kept the nurses busy once again last night, and fell asleep right when I got there. It would be helpful to give him sleeping pills so he gets back in the right time zone, but it could unfortunately cause damage to a person with a brain injury. We are brainstorming other options.

His physical therapy team took Eric to the next level today, and he did very well. I’m so proud of him. He stood up with help of a “standing frame” for 12 minutes. During this time he switched his weight back and forth between his left and right leg, and did some hand movements on commands. He turned his head and looked straight at me when I asked him to, and I saw the determination in his eyes for the very first time. I looked like Eric knew what was going on and he was determined to make it. We pushed it too far this time because his blood pressure fell to the floor so to speak; his face turned white and legs blue. He’s ok, but we probably need to keep it to under less then 10 minutes tomorrow.



  1. Great news yet again ACE! Now you and Marci make sure not to “re-injury” the boy while attempting to get him moving again! :> I look forward to the day (hopefully soon) when he can speak, oh boy will he have lots to tell us.

    Take care of yourself and see you soon! xoxo

  2. So proud of you Eric, this news makes my day once again!!!!

  3. Great news! He’s really come a long way in not much time.

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