Posted by: aceanderic | July 9, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JULY 9 (day 59)

It’s Marci again. Today was a big day in regard to Eric’s trach progress. Melissa (SLP) plugged his trach hole for 5 minutes this morning to see if Eric could breath out of his nose or mouth. I waited outside because I didn’t want to see Eric suffer or do poorly. Well, I didn’t have to worry because Eric did great! He did so well that Melissa came back in the afternoon to try it for 30 minutes, this time I stayed right by his side…still a little worried but really excited. He did perfectly, oxygen levels stayed high and heart rate was steady. Now they will make a plan for the hopeful removal of Eric’s trach! How wonderful would that be.

His blood sugar levels really dropped today (43) the nurse gave him a bunch of sugar water and they came back up to 76. They are usually in the low 90’s. I don’t know why this happened? I asked if it was because of the liquid food but the nurse didn’t think so?? Is it related to the brain injury or is there something that can be done so it doesn’t get that low again. I don’t like to see it that low. Over all Eric slept most of the day. The night nurse said he only slept about 45 minutes the night before. His sleep cycle is off. We are looking into how to change it back to normal.  More to come on that I hope.

I have to go back to Seattle today 😦 I know that Eric is in good hands and that everyone here is doing their best for him. It is just hard to go home.



  1. Hello Eric and Davidson family! Eric when the st. mad’s “family” told me about your accident, my thoughts and prayers have been with you from the start. My job is working with trauma patients and I have seen head traumas where the patient has an excellent support system and make excellent strides. With your support system and your “spunk” amazing things happen. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Shannon Giejda (Ryan)

  2. Hello to Eric, ACE and the whole family,
    This progress is great, even though it may seem unbearably slow. I am taking a class at Seattle U this summer and just heard a talk of “Music and the Brain”. Extremely interesting! I thought of Eric all during the class. One suggestion I picked up is, patients with brian damage respond more quickly to music heard before the age of 18. Supposedly that is when the brain locks in musice preferences. I that is true then playing music Eric liked in high school and before might be the most helpful for him. Just a thought. I am watching the blog daily for progress reports. Bless you all and especially Eric!

  3. Hi

    We just wanted to say good luck to Eric with his progress & we wish him a speedy recovery. We are thinking of you and sending you all our best wishes.

    Sarah & Anders Sundberg

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