Posted by: aceanderic | July 11, 2008

FRIDAY, JULY 11 (day 61)

Nothing major happened today. Just kidding….today was amazing!!

I don’t know what Eric’s deal is but he’s surprising us every day. I contacted a Reiki Master earlier this week and supposedly he’s sending Reiki to Eric from a distance. It gives me the chill thinking about it. Reiki works by allowing the body to relax enough to heal itself. As a gentle form of energy, it integrates and reconnects all levels of healing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is important for all healing, but especially so for patients with brain injury. It could be that, or it could be straight up Eric’s determination and/or stubbornness.

ERIC WALKED TODAY. Yeah, that’s right. Eric took 8-10 steps while holding on to the sidebars. And after a well-deserved break, he did it again. His friends Scott and Jason were there too so they saw it. It wasn’t a dream…Eric took his first steps today. We all felt like he wanted to show his friends something. Guess what I did? Crying like crazy of course.



  1. ERIC MY BRO YOU ROCK!!! Between the love of your wife, family, friends and strangers who care, and the Scottish/Italian blood running through your body, you will be back to climbing rocks and living life to the fullest soon!!

    Anna-Carin ~ Your Swedish spirit, strong will and attitude impress me everyday. YOU ROCK and I’m so proud to call you sister. This journey is challenging and rough but full of lots of little wonderful gifts.

    I look forward to celebrating your BIRTHDAY with you next Saturday. We could use some celebration don’t ya think? I’ll help Eric this year.

    Can’t wait to hear about the progress tomorrow ~ xoxo

  2. YAYYYY!!! Go Eric! What amazing work you are doing. See you soon. -Cas

  3. …Right On…, Right On…, Right On…!!! You were snoozin’ like a puppy yesterday when I saw you, so this is just more incentive for me to come as often as possible to witness these amazing feats!!! Keep it up buddy!!!

  4. … I am crying too. that is awesome indeed.


  5. Way to go Eric!!! Keep it coming!!! I can’t wait to read about tomorrow’s events. Stay strong!

    Sue and John

  6. This news is a wonderful way to end the day! Keep it up Kiddo. . .

  7. Congrats on the walking accomplishment. Every little step counts.

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