Posted by: aceanderic | July 12, 2008

SATURDAY, JULY 12 (day 62)

I didn’t have high expectations of Eric today due to yesterday’s workout, and I was right. He slept pretty much the whole time I was there and that’s ok. He didn’t respond to any commands when he was awake either. I think it took him a lot of energy yesterday to walk. I spent my time putting dog treats between his toes to get the dogs to approach him and lick his feet, and it worked. They are still scared of him so I hope my trick will help them get used to Eric. It was American Football on TV so I turned it on hoping Eric would recognize his favorite sport. While he was sleeping I watched football on TV. That’s true love….I hate watching football!



  1. You’re such a trooper to watch football for him! 😉

    Glad to read about yesterday’s progress. Know that there are lots of folks sending energy your way and pulling for you!

  2. Good to see you taking one for the team 🙂

  3. We’re so happy to hear how well Eric is doing! Scott and I hate being so far away here in Dallas, it means so much to us to hear updates from the family about how he’s doing since we can’t be there in person to witness all his progress. Keep up the good work, Eric! Love to all of you. Julie and Scott

  4. Ha ha! Ja Anna-Carin, det är äkta kärlek det:-) STOR kram från ett soligt Öland.

    Mia, Björn, Elin och Martin

  5. Ugh, football. That is commitment. He owes you a full spa day, at the least. 😉 Now if it had been soccer…. See you soon! -Cas

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