Posted by: aceanderic | July 13, 2008

SUNDAY, JULY 13 (day 63)

Seams like the whole weekend was mellow for Eric, nothing too exciting happened unfortunately. I think a big part of that is because he’s not getting the same kind of physical therapy during the weekends as during the week. I’ll talk with the team about that because his PT time is what wakes him up and gets him going.

Back in the “old days” when Eric was home with me and we’re living a normal life, I used to put my head on his chest when we’re watching TV. With his arm around me, I usually fell asleep that way (who knows how many movie endings I’ve missed!!). I did that today too and for the first time since the day of the injury I felt relaxed, Eric even had his arm around me. I forced myself to forget about the tubs connected to Eric, I forgot about the old man in the bed next to Eric, and I tried to forget about our the real situation, and I finally relaxed and actually feel asleep for a minute. I don’t have weekends anymore, if I’m not with Eric, I’m at home doing paper work, or researching something new that normally would be on Eric’s plate. I never stop to think how I’m doing because I’m afraid that will just hurt me, so I’m going full speed non-stop instead. It’s working so far, and I’m feeling strong, but I know the day will come when I will break down, I just hope it’s not in a near future because I don’t have time for that yet. Our little moment today was well needed, and yet scary and very sad because it made me realize how much I miss, and how much I love him.



  1. I hope you and Eric will once again cuddle on that couch.
    I read that and kind of reflected on how I take my husband for granted. Some days it takes a special person to remind everyone around them how precious life is. So with this I say thank you.

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