Posted by: aceanderic | July 14, 2008

MONDAY, JULY 14 (day 64)

This morning’s session with Melissa, Eric’s Speech Language Pathologist went well. He followed her commands and had eye contact. When I got there he was a sleep so I missed all the fun. The goal is to change out the trach this week to a smaller version, which also can be plugged. Once the hole to his airways is plugged Eric will be able to breath with his nose and mouth, and he should technically be able to speak too. But the way things normally goes, he will need speech therapy to regain the knowledge of how to speak. Eric has surprised us many time already and showed us things he shouldn’t be able off so who knows, he might start speaking right away.

He broke his record in the standing frame; he did 14 minutes today without any problems. He’s slowly getting stronger. We could tell by the way he held up his body.




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