Posted by: aceanderic | July 16, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16 (day 66)

Ok, we’re back on track again. All test results came back normal; the only issue is that Eric did get a minor internal bleeding some days ago. The doctors don’t think this bleeding caused a setback so there’s no surgery needed, the body will most likely absorb it on its own. So what DID happened, why isn’t Eric as active and alert as last week? There’s no real answer, it could simple be that Eric is tired. It’s very difficult to force him to do anything, things needs to progress in his own speed. I tell you, he is just as stubborn as I know him to be, even in this condition (which is good)!

Eric’s mom and I spent the whole day by Eric’s side; a meeting with his Neurosurgeon that was supposed to happen this morning finally took place late in the afternoon. He said that Eric is in good enough condition to leave the hospital. We took the opportunity to schedule in to have Eric’s trach changed out while he’s there so that’s happening tomorrow morning.

Phu, I tell you, this was a crazy day. Being back at TRACU for a day was actually quite nice; we know the staff and the routine so that part was easy, it was all that waiting and the unknown that took all the energy out of me. But I’m happy to say that Eric is still doing great and his Neurosurgeon was extremely pleased to see Eric raising his hand for a “hello” when he said hi to Eric. It was their first eye-to-eye meeting, and Eric finally met the doctor who saved his life.



  1. So glad for Eric that all the tests came back normal! What a relief! He’ll probably surprise you and go quickly from resting to another huge step forward. Can’t wait to hear of his next successes!

    As always, sending love and healing energy as I follow your blog on a daily basis.

    Give Marci a hug for me when you see her this weekend. This week’s been tough on her too!

  2. Phew!!!! I was worried, Ace I can only imagine what you were going through yesterday. Is there a day next week that would be best to come see Eric? Hope the two of you have a great day!!

  3. Thanks for the update. I kept calling my mom to see if she’d heard anything from Pam. Glad progress continues. By the way, if you have any special cravings for food, let me know. I’ll be bringing a few things for your freezer. (I can’t help it- it’s what the Benines do.) See you in a week.

  4. Hey Ace, this song reminds me of what I went through with my accident and now when I listen to it, it reminds me of Eric… check it out I think you would like it…

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