Posted by: aceanderic | July 20, 2008

SATURDAY, JULY 19 (day 69)

Today was a difficult day in many ways; a) Eric’s sister and I attended our first support group for brain injury, and b) Eric was in his own world pretty much the whole time during our visit, and c) it was my birthday today. Eric and I don’t just celebrate the day, we have a birthday week. This was my birthday week, which means I normally could have asked him anything I’d like; it’s awesome. If you haven’t tried the birthday week already, you should and you deserve it. Eric’s family and our friends took good care of me today.

It was my first time attending a support group for brain injury survivers and their families. It was extremely difficult and at the same time very comforting. I met a wonderful group of people and their stories touched me; it made my situation more real. I think this group will help Eric, myself, and family members in many ways for years to come.

As far I know, Eric didn’t do anything today that was out of the norm. Several family members and friends visited him and I hope he could hear us. I love you Eric, and I can’t wait for you to say it to me in person.



  1. Happy birthday Ace! You are a great support for Eric and your courage is just awesome !

    p.s. I havent missed a post!

  2. Happy Birthday, ACE. I can’t wait for him to say it to you either.

  3. Happy Birthday- hugs and chocolates!

  4. Hi,
    You don’t know me, but we share a birthday! So happy birthday, I hope this next year brings both you and Eric lots of healing. I work with your sister-in-law, Marci. I’ve been the 1st grade teacher to all her girls and I love her very much! So that means that I love you, too, and I pray for you every night. I have been reading your blog from the very beginning and I will read it until you don’t write anymore! I will continue to keep you and Eric in my thoughts and prayers. You have many people thinking of you. Take care!

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