Posted by: aceanderic | July 21, 2008

MONDAY, JULY 21 (day 71)

After I told the doctor last night that Eric felt dizzy, he placed a patch behind Eric’s ear to prevent some of it. Unfortunately the patch and/or any kind of medicine can’t make it completely go away due to his injury, but I believe the patch helped some. Eric was a like a new person this morning. I could tell he was more aware of his surrounding, and it was easier for him to make eye contact, actually he had his eyes open most of the day, which he didn’t like before.

His trach was plugged since 6am this morning so he’s now breathing through mouth and nose. The oxidant level was at 95 averages, which is the same level as for you and I. One tube town, one more to go!! The only tube left connected to Eric’s body is the feeding tube and the Trauma Surgeon told me that his goal is to have this tube removed shortly.

One thing I’ve gotten used to doing is to suctioning Eric after a cough. I know, it’s pretty disgusting but I’m ok with that these days. Any whey, I took care of that today too until Eric grabbed my arm, took the suctioning out of my hand and took care of it on his own. Pretty cool! The doctors were very surprised to hear what he’d done. But then again, they don’t know the Eric I know; so how could they know that he’s the most determined and stubborn man on the planet…which is why I know Eric is going to come out of this ok.


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