Posted by: aceanderic | July 22, 2008

TUESDAY, JULY 22 (day 72)

I have a feeling that we moved into a new phase today, I’m not referring to the Rancho Scale but just in general. Not much really happened but Eric changed somehow, I can’t really describe it. He’s not able to talk and won’t do so for some time, but he’s making noises. The noises are out of this world. It’s not loud but it’s extremely difficult and exhausting to watch him, it makes me so sad and I wish I could help him more. He’s still responding “yes” with his finger off and on during the day. He’s moving around in bed a lot, and he’s listening to me when I tell him to put the legs back in bed, and not pull this or that, so that good. But you need to keep an eye on him at all times, and when I’m not there by this side he’s restrained; this is for his own safety.

The doctors’ changed Eric’s medicine today, the goal is to get him to not be so agitated, but yet not too sedated either. We want him to move around and respond more; the more of this the better. And at the same time, we’re still here at the hospital because he’s so active; the Rehab Spa can’t manage his current state. The goal is to get Eric moved into a Rehabilitation Center as soon as possible, and to do so he needs to be able to participate in 3 hours therapy per day, and follow commands. He was getting around 2.5 hours a day of PT time at the Rehab Spa, and the hospital can’t give him near that much time. The process for a TBI patient is that he’s going to get more agitated before it gets better. Talk about catch-22; all the politics and rules are driving me nuts!

Catch-22 ** – in Swedish/på svenska – ond cirkel



  1. He’s progressing and that’s what counts. I share your hope that he gets into a rehab center soon. I know I’m biased as a physical therapist but I think that if he can avoid anymore setbacks he will really bloom with more PT. All in good time right?
    Ace, we’re thinking about you too. You have been through, and will continue to go through, so much. We hope that your getting rest, staying healthy….doing somethings for yourself as well.

    With love

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