Posted by: aceanderic | July 23, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 (day 73)

Eric’s cognitive level was pretty cool this morning, but once the doctor checked in with him, Eric was sleeping again. Thank goodness Eric’s nurse saw some of the things I did so she could back me up. We had a little “chat” Eric and I and what I gathered is that he remember the dogs, the fact that he’s a mortgage broker, he remember his family and his friends, he knows he’s at the hospital still, but he still doesn’t remember anything from yesterday. What brought tears to my eyes was when I asked if Eric could promise me to fight through his, he gave me thumbs up for the longest time. He reached out and grabbed my arm, pulled me towards him and he actually gave me a hug with his left arm.

I was an absolute mess when I walked into Eric’s room this morning. It’s hard to watch your husband restrained in bed; his hands, arms and upper body is tied down for his own safety. I lost it. And you know what, I’ve noticed that every since the day of the accident when I feel down or just loose it; there’s always something good waiting around the corner. For the longest time I thought it was my mind making things up, but it’s true. These days when I fall apart, I keep my eyes open, waiting for that little thing to make me strong again. Today I found out that our very good Scottish friend is flying in from South Africa to see Eric. Yesterday it was a good song on the radio, and my dogs goofing off. Last week it was a phone call from a friend in Sweden, my friend’s daughter was born, and a humming bird outside my window. You are right there when I need you the most, and I appreciate it. My advice to you is to always look for that little positive thing around you. It will help you get through everything. No matter how difficult the situation looks like, there’s always hope.



  1. Kara A-C!

    Du ar helt otrolig, din styrka ar en inspiration och jag forsoker ta till mig det du lart dig den harda vagen. Det ar jattehaftigt att Eric har borjat “prata”, orden kommer sa smaningom! Vi finns har nar du behover oss – bamsekramar,

  2. Dear A/C: Sorry we were not in touch on your birthday..I will try the Birthday week!! Today I read your 10 days report on Eric’s progress, want to tell you how much we admire you…it is very hard…… the path you are going through is not an easy one, yet we are sure your love and care is what is helping “stubborn” Eric to slowly walk himself into a complete recovery. Want to thank you for giving us advice, it is refreshing that a person like you, enduring so much, has time to give us “little things” that are so helpful and so true, yet we take them for granted…Your words and your thoughts remain with us constantly…please tell Eric we are thinking of him, praying every day for his recovery and taking care of his beloved Pta. Chame, since we want it to be just perfect when you both return to the Isthmus. If there is anything you wish us to do for you at this end, please let us know. Love to you, your family and Eric’s. a Big hug to our dear “gringo” from Pta.chame!!!Julieta & Johnny

  3. I read your blog daily and it is truly an inspiration to me. I can’t imagine what you are going through. I have never met you, but I check daily to see how your husband is doing. I wish the best for you.

  4. WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! Right on!!

  5. Ace: How is it that you have become the strength and inspiration for the rest of us? I thought we were supposed to support you? Thank you so much for your amazing efforts both for Eric and his family. By the way, if you ever want to write an inspirational book- we should talk. -C

  6. Ace,

    Your blog was sent to me today from Eric’s Mom. I’ve been reading it for the last hour while crying, laughing and cheering all at the same time. I used to work with Eric at Nordstrom years ago. I’m truly inspired by your love for Eric. You said earlier in the blog something to the effect that you did this blog so that people could inspire Eric to recover from this accident and didn’t understand the amount of support for you. May I suggest that you are like a electrical line that feeds directly into the heart of Eric. It is your your inspiration that feeds that line with all of the energy & love that he needs. For some reason you were supposed to be in his life at this point to help him through this. God is using you as a conduit to work miracles every day in Eric’s life and be the link to his family for the information that they so desparately need. You are truly a miracle worker along with all of the Dr’s and therapists that never give up on him. Hang in there….Don’t give up….Pray everyday and you will be amazed at what God will provide for you. You are a living example of Faith to all that believe.

    Thank you for making this world a better place to live.

    David Vey

  7. Anna-Carin your updated touched my heart in a big way. Like I’ve said before your strength and love for Eric is a gift and something very special to watch and be apart of. Bless you for keeping the faith and believing in it when I know you were not sure what it is all about. God has his arms around you both and the rest of us during these rough times.

    Hunter, Ava and I send lots of hugs and our love to you all!

  8. Hej kusin.

    Grattis i efterskott, hoppas att du hade en trevlig födelsedag trots omständigheterna.
    Vi i familjen kollar din blogg så ofta vi kan, och jag talar för oss alla när jag säger att du är verkligen stark. Vi blir glada över att läsa att det blivit en förbättring. Vi är många som tänker på dig här i släkten!

    Många kramar
    Bea med familj

  9. I have been keeping up on your blog every day evevn though I do not even know you two. But you are always in my thought.
    I too have been in your shoes and it IS so amazing what inspires us to go on each day. I still can not believe that my husband was in a HORRIBLE accident too ( I think your sweethearts takes the cake though) and I thought that things would never be the same.
    He Crushed his spine and thy thought he would never walk again, Well he too is very stubborn ( A good trait) and after 3 yrs he is almost back to normal. Even though he is coming around we still had so much to go through together. I would sit alone each day and would just not think about the bad situation We were in. I would just think in my heart that it IS going to be better.
    One of my favorite songs that would inspre me is a song By George Harrison
    (Peace on earth) that would just speak to me when I would want to hang my cry and want to give up!
    Or another saying from John Lennon, ” Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.”
    This seems to be the one that always sticks. Hang on to those dogs, and continue to hold up your chin, before you know it you are going to be cuddling with your husband again and looking deep into his eyes and you will think Did you really get hurt? It seems so long ago now!
    I pray for you each day as I understand how hard it is to watch the one you love and not be able to do something to make him feel better!
    You take care of yourself, And I can not wait to hear even more good news!

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