Posted by: aceanderic | July 24, 2008

THURSDAY, JULY 24 (day 74)

I finally got some answers today about Eric’s situation; we are staying at Emanuel Hospital “for a while”. For ten days we’ve been unsure about how the next day would look like, and where Eric would be. I feel like I finally can relax a little because at least now I know about the plan. Eric moved into a single room, and I decorated the walls with pictures and drawings. Eric’s Speech Language Pathologist worked with him this morning but didn’t get so much out of him. She was trying to make him say something without results. He did, however, swallow some ice, which is the first step on the road back to learn how to talk. He also stood up for 8 minutes in the standing frame, which I think is good considering that it’s been ten days since he stood up.

I’ve been so curious about what Eric’s first word would be, haven’t you? Well, he actually said his first word today. His hands were tied town in bed and he wasn’t able to move his arms at all. I’ve noticed that his nose has been itching a lot lately; he’s always rubbing his nose when he’s able to. Can you imaging being tied down in bed with an itching nose you can’t do anything about? It must be horrible! We do what we got to do to make him talk again…right? I scratched his nose and asked if that felt better. That’s when he said his first word, which was “yeah”. He sounded so relived it made me laugh.

I got another hug today again. I asked for it, so he reached up his arms, I leaned forward and he gave me a very nice hug with even a tap on the back several times. Very nice!



  1. Great news!

  2. Hi! I am on of those well wishers that heard of your story through my work at Emanuel. I have been praying for you guys and I am so excited to hear of Eric’s progress. I wish you all the best!

  3. Hi Eric, Anna Karen, and family!!!

    I think about Eric …and you guys–his AMAZING family– all the time.

    I wish you all the best…

    Hang in there!!

  4. Very good news!!!! Yeah!

  5. Aw, that’s so sweet.

  6. Jätte roligt att höra.. Kramar till dig.

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