Posted by: aceanderic | July 26, 2008

SATURDAY, JULY 26 (day 76)

Hello everyone, my name is Paul and I am a friend of Eric and Anna Carin… she asked me to do the blog as I am in town for a few days visting. I first met Eric in South America in 1999 and we have kept in touch since then. I got in late Thursday / early Friday and was in the hospital friday morning. Eric was pretty zonked yesterday but was much more active for most of today, especially in the morning and late afternoon. Of course he saved all his signalling and activity until after the doctor had been on his rounds. Eric’s Uncle Jim and cousin Marie stopped in as did Cassie, Mike and Addison. After being very active all morning, he got pretty tired when they arrived but we took him outside into the garden and he made a good job saying goodbye to Jim when he left. Later in the afternoon Eric became very agitated and seemed like he was angry… when Anna Carin asked if he was in pain he gave both the middle fingers immediately. When the nurse had a look, she could not find his 3 day painkiller patch anywhere so maybe that was what was winding him up today…. they put on a new one so hopefully that was the problem..

When I was sitting with Eric this morning, Ace got a chance to take the dogs out to a Bernese owners meeting but unfortunately Singha thought he was tougher than he actually is and came off 2nd best in a fight with another Bernese…. he had to be taken to the vet and he has had stitches around his eye and has a cone on for the next 2 weeks…. guess she won’t be attending another Bernese Mountain Dogs Addiction Therapy meeting….

Its pretty disturbing seeing the Eric I know in this condition, but from what I hear, he has been showing progress on the road to recovery. He is very restless when he is not dozing, pulling at his sheets and covers, moving legs and arms etc. He often scratches his nose and eyes as it seems that he is itchy around these areas. When there are no visitors his hands are tied to prevent him pulling out his trach or feeding tube or harming himself in some way. The hospital staff do a great job but it is not possible to have someone monitor him all the time. At times he gets very agitated and disturbed and it’s very hard to know what the issue is.

Personally I felt very helpless when I heard Eric had had his accident and now I am here at least I can help in a little way. If anyone is wondering how you can help more, I would recommend that you plan to come visit Eric for a whole morning or afternoon. Schedule it with Anna Carin, that way she can take a rest and deal with other things going on in her life as it is extremely draining spending long periods with Eric and she needs a break now or again …. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for what she is doing and the strength she is showing, making sure Eric is on the best possible path to recovery. Anything you can do to lighten her load is great, thanks to all those that bring her food, clean the house, cut the grass etc. etc. all these things that need to be done but pale into insignificance when compared to the struggle Eric is undertaking…she is very grateful…

Thats all from me.

PS Hi Marci and Gina, hope you guys are doing good…




  1. Hey Paul (Shrek),
    I am so gald you are there with Eric and ACE! Thank you for spending time with my brother, it is hard for me being away from Eric and Anna-carin as I must also be home with my girls. Just knowing Eric’s dear friends are there makes it a little bit easier. I know it was a long flight from South Africia, so thank you!!!!
    Much love-

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the blog note, it’s great to hear from Eric’s pals and see things from other’s perspective other than ours. Truly we are all in this together and helpful to share our thoughts and concerns with each other.

    Thank you so much for coming to visit.

    Take care!

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