Posted by: aceanderic | July 28, 2008

MONDAY, JULY 28 (day 78)

So many great things happened today so I honestly don’t know how to tell you how amazed and happy I am. Paul is a very special friend of Eric and he inspired him more then anyone has done so far. Eric gave Paul a huge smile this morning when we walked into the room, and the finger in the evening when Paul said good-bye. It was the first smile I’ve seen from Eric, and it was the cutest I’ve ever seen. Paul gave Eric the “rock-on sign”, and Eric did it back to him with a smile. He said several words, one time he asked for water. I handed him a cup of water and he lifted it to his lips to drink it, all completely under control and with the correct movements. Today was almost like being with Eric again; with a clear head but a broken body and voice. Paul told stories from their past and Eric laughed. You know Eric is being Eric when he farts…..look at you, and laughs afterwards…. For you who know Eric, you know exactly what I mean… Sorry everyone, but I just had to tell you that 🙂

OT worked with him but didn’t really get that much out of him, she stopped after about 30 minutes. Eric tried to get out of bed as soon as she left the room. He’s quit stubborn and won’t do something unless he really wants to; I’m guessing he didn’t like the things his OT asked him to do. With Paul and I on each side, Eric got out of bed four times with minimum help. While standing up, he gave me a kiss on the neck and a hug. We decided to go outside so we helped Eric into a wheelchair and off we went. Once outside, Eric actually pushed himself around in the wheelchair by using his hands and feet. Up and down the walkway, and around and around in the chair. All by himself!! I can’t imagine what a wonderful feeling it must have been for him to move around on his own again.

He’s a fighter and I can’t wait to show my movie clip of Eric’s action to one of the doctors who for a few days told me to not be so hopeful about Eric’s recovery…. Guess who’s right now, huh?



  1. Hey Ace, Eric, Paul & Friends and Family

    Rock On All of You! That’s great news. We knew he would get there. Its long bumpy road, with lots of ups and downs, but the Eric I know will always move forward, no matter what. What an incredible Journey with so many magical moments.

    Thank You all so much for putting so many things in perspective and know that we are all along for every little heartbreak and little miracle.

    Heather and Bob

  2. This is great to hear. Rock on.

  3. Awesome news. Fight on Eric!

  4. Awesome! Keep proving nay-sayers wrong and stay strong!

    (We’ll keep cheering you on from the peanut gallery… 🙂

  5. I do read everyday hoping that each day there will be better news on Erics Recovery! Right On! I knew that He was about to bust out and start making you smile again!
    I am so moved by how great he is doing that I am in tears for you, but these are tears of happiness!
    I do not even know you guys, but my thoughts are there everyday for you!
    You are a Wonderful wife and best friend, I think that YOU are inspiring Eric to do all these things!
    I am sooooo HAPPY for you!

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