Posted by: aceanderic | July 30, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JULY 30 (day 80)

Eric had a lot of visitors today and I hope that kept him enough stimulated so he can sleep through the night without keeping the nurses too busy. He was pretty awake most of the day, off and on his brain wandered off and we couldn’t get contact with him. He was up in the wheelchair twice; this morning with his PT and in the afternoon with his mom and I. He pushed himself around pretty well, still very minimal steps of course. He even took a few small steps standing up, pushing a walker in front of him. That was great to watch. I was by his side just in case he would fall, but he did great. Yet another accomplishment achieved.

Walking and pushing himself in the wheelchair is absolute great but it was really hard to watch Eric with his SLP this morning. She tried to get him to write “Eric”. You could tell how frustrated it was for him; he held that pen and notebook in his hand for a long time but that was it. I don’t think he remembers how to write, not as simple as his own name. I can’t even describe the horrible feeling Eric must have felt. As an owner of a mortgage company he used to write up big proposals, today he can’t even write his name. He needs to relearn so much that we take for granted. Well, actually he is relearning everything; just like bringing a person back to life.



  1. Hey Ace! I admire you so much for keeping strong and positive. As I mentioned in my email awhile back my aunt had a similar situation. The first year was the hardest – PT, relearing to speak, walk, get in and out of a car, read, building up her memory and comprehension, etc. One random thing that helped her relearn how to bend down (which was mentally hard to grasp at the time) was when they thought to ask her to hem a dress, something she was previously very familiar with, she did it automatically. When Eric reaches that stage possibly try it once in awhile – if his new brain can’t quite remember how to preform a physcial act you can try and “trick” it by calling it something else – “get on your bike” for lifting his leg over something, etc. You never know what gets through the fog. It’s now been nearly 7 years since her accident and she’s nearly fully functional physically and mentally, she reads, her memory is improving, etc. – she only still struggles with writing (possibly because they’re teaching her the proper way to make letter vs. her previous handwriting which was “unique” to say the least). But net net the immense POSITIVE effect this has had on the entire group of friends and family – people pulling together to help out, her kids getting more responsible, mature, and caring, and most importnant of all us all realizing how precious our time together is – every day is a bonus – makes it seem like the struggle was well worth it! You’re doing a great job, your family and friends seem to be a great support network, and you WILl get through this! 😉 Julia

  2. I am so happy to hear that you two spent some quality time in the garden! I can only imagine how difficult it would be to be in your shoes, AC,but I am constantly impressed with your strength and positive attitude!

    I continue to pray for his constant healing.

    Kirsten Vesely ( Marci’s friend)

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