Posted by: aceanderic | July 31, 2008

THURSDAY, JULY 31 (day 81)

Eric is finally out of the hospital, he moved to a specialty hospital in town this afternoon. This place specializes in long term acute care for medically complex patients like Eric. I have a good feeling about this place; they seam to fully understand Eric’s condition and his needs to recover. A new place always means tons of stress for both Eric and I, and I expect it to take a few days to get used to everything. Eric arrived in the ambulance before the rest of us and when I walked into the room I had to drop everything in my hand to calm Eric down, Eric’s mom was already by his side. The new surrounding was very upsetting for Eric, he got extremely frighten and it took us over an hour to calm him down. I think it was the most stressful hour in my life for a long time, I haven’t seen him like that before. But he calmed down and later on he smiled and played jokes with me. I was going to help him out of bed so I reached out my arm so I could pull him up to a sitting position. Instead, he pulled me down towards him and gave me a goofy smile. It was fun to see him joking around like that, and it took some stress away too. I helped him up a few times to a standing position, and he gave me a hug every time he stood up. He was so annoyingly active, and things weren’t set up properly with the nurses yet so he didn’t have anything holding him down in bed besides his mom and I. We were so exhausted by the time we finally left; Eric was bright awake pulling things he shouldn’t and trying to get out of bed over and over again. Tomorrow will be big day with meeting all the new staff, going over schedules and new routings so I hope he will get some rest tonight.



  1. Keep fighting him Ace we have more strength than him and there are more of us!
    Hopefully there are plenty of staff to take care of the extra energy he has and get him up and about!

  2. Does this mean he will get more PT? I hope so. Sounds like he is being difficult- expression of personal will is always a good sign of cognative abilities! -Cas

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